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It Begins Again: Trump Supporters Embrace Life Unworthy of Life

April 23, 2020

Another outstanding missive from Padre Steve regarding those who, seemingly with the backing of our current President, seek to abandon the policies put it place to stem the Covid-19 pandemic in order to reinvigorate the economy despite the fact that doing so invites an even more deadly resurgence of the disease.

Donald Trump is running for another four year term as our President (leaving aside the doubt of many that four more years in power would be enough to satisfy his lust for power) and realizes the damage currently being done to the economy by the policies put in place to deal with Covid-19 are seriously damaging his chances of him winning in November. There is no shortage of right-wing activists willing to cast caution to the wind in a bid to reopen our economy. There is even plenty of support for doing so even if more people will be killed by the pandemic should their attempt to reverse course on these policies precipitously before more is done to alleviate the damage it can still cause or treat/cure those who become infected as a result.

Trump has been and continues to be all over the place on dealing with this crisis. His twitter rants and “press briefings” have merely become excuses for more attacks on any journalists or others who question his policies or point out his false talking points and serve him as propaganda tool for free campaign speech more than educating the American people.

Rather than uniting the American people to defeat the crisis, he is using it to place even more divisive, non-compassionate, purely partisan arguments into the mix and maintain his power by dividing and conquering his victims ( who to me seem to consist of most of humanity) to benefit mainly himself and those oligarchs who share his motivations.

The fact that many of these people protesting mainly against Democrats and Progressives in blue states proclaim themselves to be pro-life Christians does not change the fact that what they want to accomplish is likely to create more misery than it alleviates just does not strike me as being morally consistent. The racist nature of many of the protests and Trump’s public statements (how has Anti-Asian sentiment been aroused in the process?) also does not seem to be particularly Christian in nature.

Let’s fix the problem by uniting against the virus, not by letting it run rampant against those not us. -rjc

The Inglorius Padre Steve's World

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

The United States is now engaged in a life or death battle on multiple fronts. The first is against the novel Coronavirus 19 pandemic that has killed at least 47,650 Americans and infected at nearly 849,000 more, of which almost 717,000 are still active cases.  Of course we now know that the first deaths occurred in California during February weeks before the first officially recorded deaths began to be counted, there is a strong possibility that many more deaths were chalked up to the Flu and Pneumonia. With barely 1% of the population tested the probability is that hundreds of thousands of others who are probably out roaming about and spreading the virus. Of course many people still go without observing social distancing, unless they are forced to at the grocery store, or do not wear any kind of face mask. The May not care…

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  1. so much for the “pro life” Party, eh?

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