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America’s Virus

April 28, 2020

An eloquent essay by Sally Edelstein on the transformation of America into Trumplandia ( my word, not hers). It’s a sad spectacle to behold. We cannot continue down this road without even more dire consequences occurring under his guidance, which amounts to nothing than political skulduggery. We need to do everything in our power to make sure his reign does not exceed this term. A botched election like in 2016, where he defeats his opponents despite losing the national popular vote by millions of votes through the use of voter suppression and winning a majority of Electoral College votes by winning more states by small margins and losing others by huge majorities.

We need a compassionate, progressive that takes care of all its people, not merely the elite oligarchs such as himself and his fellow billionaires. Making voter registration and actual voting easier, while informing voters of why it is not in our interests to subject ourselves and the world at large to still more of his authoritarian rants and policy debacles. Register and vote, be it in person, by mail, early or in person on election day and get this man as far from the reigns of power as possible without further delay. – rjc

Envisioning The American Dream

Trump, angry protestors and corona virus

There is a virus in America; a contagion multiplying, embedded so deeply in our nation no amount of soap and water can wash it away. It is causing a stench so foul, no face mask can contain it.

In reflection, our immune system was vulnerable. We became complacent. Weakened as a society we were susceptible to an outside infection which allowed us to be contaminated by the deadliest virus our country has ever known. No, not the Coronavirus. Donald Trump.

The virus that has crippled our country is not only COVID 19 that is killing our citizens in record numbers but from the toxin that occupies our  White House.  The stench coming from the rotting corrosion of our core values is breathing the very life out our democracy.

The American century, it has been widely reported,  has expired, passing fitfully in its slumber.

Trump’s infectious venom of hate, xenophobia, and…

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