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READ: President Trump’s Rose Garden speech on protests – CNNPolitics

June 2, 2020

This appears to me to be headed towards an authoritarian act intent on waging war on the American people – a top/down coup orchestrated by a president bound and determined to have his way and remain in office no matter what he feels he needs to do to retain and extend his power beyond the next election. We don’t need martial law. We do need one who leads rather than dictates – who solves problems rather than trying force everyone else to be content to live lives of increasing desolation and quiet desperation. What will happen if his calls to violent action are allowed to escalate   on a continually increasing.

Trump needs to learn in no uncertain terms that a president is not above the law and will not be permitted to shred the Constitution on a whim. We need a government of, by and for the PEOPLE, not Donald Trump. We must make sure this blatant power grab is not successful. We owe that to ourselves and those who succeed us. – rjc

Source: READ: President Trump’s Rose Garden speech on protests – CNNPolitics

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  1. No matter who says it, or how many times it is denied, Trump has the mind, if not the intellect, of a Hitler. Through his calculated “ineptitude” and American arrogance he has pulled all the necessary power and forces to guarantee he will remain in power barring a sudden death. When a Faustian bargain is made with the Devil he will demand his due and in Trump’s case his due is to remain in power as a dictator. His purpose is to destroy the very last illusion of a just and democratic America and finally declare publicly and openly what it’s always been: a plutocratic nest of the filthiest type of crony capitalism. The game was rigged from the very beginning. America would become the front for the Anglo-American Zionist empire regardless of what happened in/to Britain. But like all megalomaniacs, Trump is a destroyer and he will destroy America. And then? Ah, the story becomes quite interesting.

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    Dangerous times we live in


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