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It Is What It Is

September 6, 2020

Most politicians make promises. Donald Trump issues threats. He continues to insist that the only way he can possibly lose the upcoming election on November 3rd is some sort of illegal and unfair shenanigans on the part of people willing to go to any lengths to thwart the will of the American people who overwhelmingly desire that he remain their exalted ruler for at least another four years upon the completion of his current term in office.

From a trial balloon speculating that we may need to postpone the election to deal with the dangers of conducting elections during the current Covid-19 global pandemic(which he has, for all intents and purposes, acted in such a way as to aggravate the state of affairs rather than alleviate it), to unfounded allegations that absentee voting by mail would suddenly be fraught with massive voter fraud, he is setting the stage to declare any scenario in which he is defeated as null and void. Exactly as he speculated had a similar outcome been reached in 2016.

Attempts at voter suppression are evident in many areas across the nation, instituted by state and local governing bodies controlled by Trump acolytes and making it more difficult for people belonging to groups which have been negatively affected by policies initiated under his Administration. Making voting safer by encouraging people to vote early by mail (using procedures which have proven to be secure and fair for years in many states) is anathema to Trump and those in his party wishing to retain and solidify their hold on political power indefinitely. Reducing the number and location of in-person poll locations forces more people to travel longer distances and face often interminable waiting lines at those locations that still exist. Arbitrarily removing legitimate voters from voter registration rolls is another common method of preventing potential and expected people from expressing their disapproval of Trump and his policies by voting against them.

A recent tactic, viewed by most to even be illegal, which Trump has publicly espoused to his followers, is encouraging people to vote twice by mailing in a ballot then showing up at their designated polling place to cast a second vote in person. Along with recent attacks on the United States Postal Service making it increasingly difficult to cast ballots by mail in a timely manner, such statements actually make Trump a key purveyor of the very election and/or voter fraud that he’s claiming to decry as making the entire election null and void.

Ever since his inauguration, Donald Trump has gone out of his way to do exactly as he pleases and not allow himself to be limited by the Constitution he has sworn to obey and defend. He barely batted an eye when the House of Representatives impeached him for such acts because he knew he could count on the almost unanimous support of the Senate GOP at trial. He has made the American people persona non grata when it comes to travelling outside of this country in most of the rest of the planet by his intentional mismanagement (or bungling, if you wish to be more generous) of the response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, which conveniently for him is disproportionally affecting those being negatively impacted by his other policy initiatives.

Trump appears to be angling for yet another last minute political stunt designed to even further advance his chances in the upcoming election with the unveiling of a new vaccine and mass inoculation effort to stem the tide of the pandemic in one fell swoop. For those old enough to remember, Gerald Ford’s attempt to do something similar during the swine flu epidemic of 1976 fell flat because the vaccine wasn’t properly tested prior to release. Ford lost the election that year to Jimmy Carter. Trump’s heavy-handed approach to dealing with issues great and small in important matters of foreign and domestic policies has met with stiff opposition in Congress, the judiciary and the court of popular opinion.

Contrary to the President’s persistent pronouncements to the contrary, his handling of issues such as immigration, health care, education, the economy, race relations and the overall treatment of people and the planet alike have been far from perfect. Portraying himself as the one and only solution to our problems as a nation, a society and as individual human beings would be laughable if not for the fact that, in many extremely important respects that portrayal is dangerously inaccurate and often deadly. I don’t personally know many – if any – who can objectively declare themselves better off than than they were when Barack Obama left the office. Trump no doubt does, since the vast majority of those who can do so belong to the rarified (though undeservedly so) social and economic as he does.

Trump’s cooptation of Richard Nixon’s campaign for law and order falls flat, since the last person he wants to ensure behaves in a lawful and orderly fashion is himself. We may have never been and possibly may never be Great Again as a nation and a civilization, but we can certainly do better than we have been at reaching such heights. But I can honestly say I doubt this is likely to happen with Donald Trump at the helm of our ship of state.

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  1. We are keeping the border closed for another six months…possibly a year. Whatever infection Trump has appears to be 10x worse than Covid-19. Get every American to vote or the economic damage will last for many more years. Rick try to get people by checking if they are registered to vote. If not they can register via this link

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