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Article: Trump’s Durable Base and Rolling Coup | OpEdNews

October 23, 2020

A litany of policy decisions/actions taken by the Trump Administration which have barely scratched the surface in recent debates of the two major party candidates written by Paul Street for Counterpunch and also distributed by OpEdNews. These certainly provide plentiful reasons for voting Donald Trump out of office on November 3rd.

Like over thirty million others, my ballot was completed and taken to my local Post Office for delivery to my county elections office a few days before the final debate. I urge everyone who can vote early in their states, either in-person or by mail to do so as soon as possible. This election will, in all likelihood, be the most litigated election in US history. Donald Trump has strongly indicated that he will not accept any outcome other than one that sees him remaining in office.

The 2016 election that placed in office the least fit candidate to perform the duties of the Presidency must not be duplicated in 2020. Every vote counts. Trump’s policies and actions aimed at utterly destroying our democracy have left him far short of receiving majority support of the American People. They obviously do little or nothing to improve the lives of any but the top 1% of Americans whose bank accounts have flourished while the rest of us face greater obstacles to our achieving our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness than has been the case for decades. Vote to remove Trump and the anti-democratic Senate GOP leadership from office. – rjc

Source: Article: Trump’s Durable Base and Rolling Coup | OpEdNews

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