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A New Strategy For The American Left, by Yanis Iqbal – Dandelion Salad

November 19, 2020

We must not allow ourselves to think that replacing Trump is a long-term solution to the many problems exacerbated by the Trump Presidency. We are, after all, still saddled with McConnell, Graham and a multitude of other anti-democratic political miscreants in both major parties.

The fraudulent claims by Trump and his morally decrepit elected GOP Congresscritters that any Biden/Harris Administration would leave us at the mercy of a socialist dictatorship could not be further from the truth. It’s time to end Trump’s foot-dragging and begin a true transition as demanded by the Constitution in accordance with the results of the November 3rd election. Too many Americans have fallen victim to his failed response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many more will also die before inauguration if Trump is allowed to continue with his utter refusal to do anything to remedy the situation. – rjc

Source: A New Strategy For The American Left, by Yanis Iqbal – Dandelion Salad

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, Rick.

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  2. I found little value or relevance to the American progressive cause in this overly academic treatise (“the concretization of some of the theoretical underpinnings of the actuality of revolution” – oh, come on now), Rick, but I completely agree with your assertion that there are monumental tasks remaining to be undertaken in the wake of Trump’s departure from office (if in fact it actually does happen in January).

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