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Will Last Century’s Crimes Against Humanity Be This Century’s Too? Robert Jackson’s Closing Arguments at Nuremberg

November 29, 2020

Padre Steven Dundas posted these views in his blog earlier today. The parallels between Hitler’s Nazi Germany and what appears to be Trump’s vision of the future of the United States of America under his authoritarian rule despite the results of our November 3rd election are quite chilling.

I do not know if Steve’s predictions will ultimately occur. I strongly hope they will not, for the sake of our government and the wellbeing humankind as a whole. Time will tell. I am convinced that our recent election will fail to eliminate the danger of Trump’s governing modus operandi or lead to a humanitarian, sympathetic and empathic dealing with each other. His consistent shrugging off of any and all criticism of his policies and proclamations and doubling down on the most abhorrent ramifications of his psyche cause me to doubt his ability to bring about positive change for the lives of the vast majority of people living here and everywhere else on the planet (and beyond, if we start spreading ourselves off-planet).

So far, Trump has done little to assuage the trepidation that many expressed in defeating him in the last election. Indeed, he appears hellbent on fueling increasing violence perpetrated by his supporters upon his opponents. This we must fight against with every fiber of our being. Once he has been moved out of the White House, I would strongly recommend he not be permitted to return. He and his cult-like supporters must never be permitted to run roughshod over the rights and liberties of even the most vulnerable among us as has been the case since his inauguration on January 20, 2017.

All this means that there are still many, many Trump sycophants and enablers occupying positions of power in all facets of our government, federal, state and local. We must fight them (metaphorically speaking, and sometimes perhaps even literally) in their attempts to reform our society to match his toxic vision of what Making America Great Again really looks like. Rather than letting him and his puppets line their pockets, we must be vigilant in preventing them from picking our pockets to undeservedly benefit themselves at our expense, which exactly what they have been doing for the past four years. -rjc

The Inglorius Padre Steve's World

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I spent much of the past week, until I had my emotional and physical meltdown discussing the importance of the Nuremberg Trials to today’s world. To do so I went through the five parts of Supreme Court Justice and Chief American Prosecutor, Robert Jackson’s opening address to the Tribunal. Tonight I will begin to work through his closing arguments, which like his opening are considered to be among the most powerful and definitive legal addresses in history.

We cannot forget or we will be doomed to repeat them, for the Holocaust was not an anomaly, it is the ever present part of the dark part of humanity.

Historian Gerhard Weinberg wrote:

“It’s very, very important for people to get a sense of what the potentialities of people really are, what the dangers of ignorance can be. It is in this context, that a supposedly advanced…

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  1. maryplumbago permalink

    Read it over there and commented..

    I’m reading your post on a dark rainy morning which seems quite apropos.
    In looking at the long view of history and mankind through the ages, I agree 100% with your fears. History repeats over and over.

    Ignorance, fear, religion and pure hate (evil)….it will never end well in the long run. Man has been progressing, yes in technology and some social justice issues, but also in weapons and complex banding together in tribal hatreds and bubbles of alternative mental universes.

    I’m almost at a point that I don’t care. Man is the great destroyer and if he is gone, the earth will heal and animals can live in peace.

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  2. Scary times! At least we got him out. Worried about more what more a competent would-be strong man might be able to do. I had never feared for democracy in America until now.

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  3. Teresa Barrett permalink

    Only President Trump?


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