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What Uncooperative Non-Transition Means

December 16, 2020

Donald J. Trump is perhaps one of the most, if not THE most delusional person ever to hold the office of President of the United States of America. Not only does he maintain that he could not have lost to President-Elect Joe Biden in a non-rigged election (he did the same in 2016, when he prevailed in the Electoral College despite losing the popular vote by over three million votes), he continues to act as though he needs to cooperate in any sort of transition to aid the incoming President in a transition that maintains national security and meet the ongoing needs of the American people in this time of a catastrophic health crisis.

After amassing a record number of failures in lawsuits seeking to overthrow as fraudulent victories by his opponent in key swing states that he won by miniscule margins in 2016 – due to absolutely ludicrous claims based on no solid evidence whatsoever, to this day he refuses to concede defeat. He appears to not care in the least how his actions are having a negative impact on millions of Americans becoming impoverished due to his policies and his woefully disastrously inadequate response to the Covid-19 pandemic. His cult-like supporters, many of whom are openly racist supporters of authoritarian policies and protest openly while armed to the teeth and threatening violence to those seeking relief from Trump’s policies along with movement forward from the dangers he has exacerbated through his claims that only he can fix the problems we face in these perilous times.

Elected leaders of what used to be called the Republican Party have staunchly refused to call him on his authoritarian and dictatorial tendencies or take actions meant to temper his outrageous rants against any possessing the temerity to end what threatens to become what can only be described as a modern-day reign of terror. Gradually, what started out as a trickle of dissent from Mitt Romney and a few other GOP senators, US Representatives and a smattering of state and local officials has gained a little more support as the court cases, electoral college vote and state recounts have shown that, as has been the case on many occasions since his inauguration on January 20, 2017, Emperor Donald has no clothes and he has no plans to defer to anyone else when it comes to stepping down.

The chaos that is accelerating as Trump fires or demands resignations from various key Administration officials who either attempt to do their jobs despite his demands that they bend to his whims regardless of their legality and/or Constitutionality is not only a threat to our national security but our health, economic well-being, civil rights, individual freedoms and democratic values as a whole. In many ways, Trump is using his steadfast refusal to face reality as yet another excuse to fleece his supporters to line his own pockets and wage millions of dollars to wage another four-year battle to try to buy himself another four year term in 2024.

As long as people continue to support politicians who act directly to allow him to do practically anything he wants without consequences rather than challenging him in the interests of the people they are supposed to be representing, his destruction of our society and political system and the impoverishment and deaths of untold numbers of our fellow human beings will continue unabated. We deserve better from our government. Not only Trump needs to go – those who have been and continue to permit his rule by temper tantrum need to join him in leaving government service at the earliest opportunity.

Trump has been responsible for more death, undeserved inhumane treatment, destruction of the environment and just about every form of inequality imaginable to ever be outweighed by any good he may claim to be responsible for. He claims credit for anything he finds to be a positive outcome of his policies while refusing to admit responsibility for any harm they may have caused. Everyday he continues in office is a day in which he poses a threat to further, lasting, damage to the American people. He’s been bailed out of impeachment and spared any personal consequences for some of the most hateful conduct of any President in the history of this country. His claims to be a “law and order” champion are fraudulent in the extreme when he claims personal immunity to prosecution and no responsibility to obey any law himself  while sewing chaos and inciting his supporters to violence.

The Supreme Court has said no to him recently. Even Mitch McConnell has conceded that Biden has won the election since the Electoral College voted thus. Refusing to ensure a peaceful transition to an Administration led by Joe Biden is wrong and dangerous for this country in both the short and long term. Sanity must be restored to the body politic. The time has come for the American people to heard, rather than continue to be silenced by the roar of a maniacal tyrant intent on getting his own way at any cost. I long for a day when I can watch a newscast without mention of Donald Trump, his policies or his insults and threats for even some of his most ardent supporters.

I saw a television commercial recently where Patrick Stewart of Star Trek fame asked Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame if he wanted cheese with that whine. That seems to be an appropriate question to pose Donald Trump. January 20, 2021 seems to be approaching very, very slowly. We need to get down to the business of repairing the damage our sitting but totally unfit President has done in the past four years and making up for the huge mistake made in our 2016 election.  

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