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Opinion: – Read the full transcript of Trump’s audio call with Georgia’s secretary of state

January 4, 2021

In what scenario is a phone call like this acceptable in a democratic society? If this blatant attempt to solicit felony election fraud to overturn a legitimate election does not warrant Trump’s immediate removal from office (not to mention criminal prosecution) what would – shooting someone on Fifth Evenue in New York City in broad daylight with cameras and hundreds of smart phones recording it for posterity?

As January 20th approaches, Trump seems to become increasingly volatile and potentially deadly (literally). He is showing no inclination to back down and accept that he lost last November 3. The various House and Senate GOP members who continue to back his fiery rhetoric and outlandish lies share in his criminality in my opinion. This would be dictator/mob godfather needs to not only leave office but face criminal prosecution under any and all laws he has broken while pretending that he is not subject to.

Any Senator continuing to play out this coup as a charade attempt to make believe he deserves another four years at the helm deserved the same fate Joe McCarthy experienced in the 1950’s. Same goes for the many House Republicans who are in effect claiming their belief that several states conducted fraudulent elections. Unless you believe only Democrats and fake Republicans can get elected, should the election of Republicans in the states he’s targeting not be thrown out as well.

Tomorrow and Wednesday should be interesting (even dangerous). How long must we tolerate this lunatic inciting violence at every opportunity? I say not one more day. GOP elected members of Congress need to step up and live up to their oaths of office or resign because they feel they cannot do so. – rjc

Source: Opinion: – Read the full transcript of Trump’s audio call with Georgia’s secretary of state

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