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Mitch McConnell votes not to impeach, then blasts Donald Trump | Lexington Herald Leader

February 16, 2021

After voting to acquit now Former-President Trump in his unprecedented (or as Trump would say “Unpresidented”) second Senate impeach trial, Former-Senate Majority Leader (current Senate Minority Leader) Mitch McConnell gave a speech in which he pretty much laid out the case that Trump was, in fact, responsible for inciting the violent takeover of the U.S. Capitol and terrorizing both bodies of Congress and his own Vice President on January 6, 2021. He did, indeed, make an outstanding case for his own status as chief GOP apologist and hypocrite in once again allowing Trump to escape his own criminal activity unscathed.

The 43 GOP Senators who once again made a mockery of the entire impeachment process, despite the fact that a solid majority of the U.S. population disagreed with the verdict. Most, if not all, of these senators know full well that Trump is guilty as Hell of the charge the House of Representatives sent in impeaching him. No amount of sophistry will change this fact or be forgotten when history is written regarding the incident or the time comes for these enablers of Trump’s authoritarian attempt to retain his office despite the fact that he did lose the election decisively to President Biden.

The deaths of those killed on January 6, 2021 lay squarely at the feet of Donald Trump. That the situation resulted in fewer casualties than could have occurred is no thanks to him. A message must be sent to all that Trump should never again be allowed to be in public office and that those who allowed him to abuse the powers of the Presidency for his own aggrandizement and personal gratification are not fit to serve as representatives of the states and districts that elected them. They all violated their oaths of office and placed our democracy in grave peril.

Hopefully, such unacceptable behavior will be avoided and we can get back to trying to move forward for the benefit of us all, not the petty whims of a would-be dictator. Trump still must be brought to justice, even if it is only at the hands of some of the defenders of the state laws he violated. I look forward to a time when this is left behind and we need no longer fear a repeat of this coup attempt by Donald J. Trump or any other person or small group. – rjc

Source: Mitch McConnell votes not to impeach, then blasts Donald Trump | Lexington Herald Leader

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    And now Trump dumps on McConnell – just can’t make up how depraved these folks are.

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  2. Grace Patricia Dijkhuyzen permalink

    Retrumplicans/Republicans are God’s failed creation! Thug/Thief/Criminal Trump’s miserable f……. life was saved by a Muslim genius Scientist the creator of the best vaccine in the world” BioNTech/Pfizer!” The Hon.Muslim Scientist Dr.Ugur Sahin! Trump was banning Muslims to enter America! A Muslim Dr.Sahin saved his f……… cheating/lying/thief life. Trump got his jab from BioNTech/Pfizer secretly what a coward LOSER! I am ashamed of my birth country voting Trump as POTUS in 2016! Thank God we hammered him so badly we’ll do it again! My Gran(Platinum/Mining) donated millions of dough to kick out Trump! more than Bezos! Trump must never again govern America! Trump is a billionaire in his twisted perverted mind only! the billionaire of billions of toilet paper! (I was born in the Elite Section of East Falls, H.Ave.Philly USA!)


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