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Now What?

February 20, 2021

Like millions of my fellow Americans, I was suffering Trump fatigue from the time I realized we were in for a minimum sentence of four years under the thumb of the worst would-be authoritarian tyrant ever to occupy the Oval Office as President of the United States of America. Every public pronouncement of his – from his Obama birther fallacies to his tirades aimed at immigrants – promised nothing so much as division and the spread of hatred like we had never seen before.

Once in office, Trump went about trying to accomplish much that was contrary to the moral values of most human beings on this planet, let alone the citizens of the land of the free and the home of the brave. In trying to remake America in his own image, Trump managed to oversee outrageously inhumane treatment of many men, women and children while catering to the desires of white supremacists, racists, misogynists and just about every other sort of right wing extremists imaginable. He constantly displayed a degree of sympathy and empathy towards the undeserving targets of his hateful wrath normally found in rocks and other inanimate objects.

He constantly rails against anyone who dares reject his claims that up is down, black is white and wrong is right. No matter how many times his  many claims of factual reality were debunked as utter nonsense, he persisted in his own omniscience and demanded that others submit to his wisdom and act to carry out his will – regardless of the outcomes to people subjected to his ill-conceived policy decisions. Unfortunately, there were too few dissident voices speaking out against his tyrannical tendencies, and too many followers willing to suspend their own concept of right and wrong and submit to his will unquestionably. Some saw that he was doing stuff that they liked (nominating ultra-conservative judges, building a wall to keep out foreigners wishing to immigrate here, reversing almost any accomplishments achieved by President Obama) or trying not to be ridiculed publicly by his taunts and insulting nicknames.

Donald Trump did a fantastic job of taking the air out of many public debates. He dominated the airwaves at the expense of accomplishing much of anything of value in the way of “Making America Great Again” and improving living conditions for people living here or anywhere else on the planet. With the assistance of many in Congress who knew full well that much of what he was doing was either unconstitutional or morally bankrupt as pertains to how people were being treated in his name, he manages to accomplish something his 44 predecessors never did – get impeached by the House of Representatives for high crimes and misdemeanors.

The unmitigated sophistry that led any senators at all to vote to acquit Trump in either impeachment trial in despicable. He was guilty of everything with which he was charged and more. Topping it off with inciting the debacle at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, after more than two months of undocumented (read here “imaginary” or simply “fictitious”) claims that the election was stolen from him, was simply a bridge too far – for now. Hence Joe Biden sits in the White House while Trump fumes (without use of Twitter, thankfully) in his fat cat resort in Mar-a-Lago.

Gradually, Biden is replacing Trump in the minds of many, gradually eclipsing him in media coverage. We must make progress in all the areas that Trump either ignored or royally screwed up. Minor things like a pandemic which has killed half a million Americans so far, devastating the economy of which Trump was so proud. The fundamental lifestyle changes of millions of Americans need to continue to spur action as the Biden Administration has been doing, rather than ignored as was the case with Trump.

Straightening out the mess that Trump has made of virtually all aspects of American life will not be easy – nor will it be sufficient. We must be striving to improve our lives in all policy areas – foreign and domestic – progressively, not regressively as Trump’s vision was taking us. At the same time, Trump, along with his minions and enablers, do need to be brought to justice.

We must not only eliminate Trump’s ability to successfully usurp our government again in the future. We need to ensure that never again will this country face the disgrace of another Trumpian-style government takeover. We deserve better and we have had to deal with more absolutely insufferable conduct that any freedom and democracy loving people ever should. Peace, and may your post-Trump, post-Covid life be fruitful and fulfilling.

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