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Active Shooter…Only in America | Envisioning The American Dream

March 24, 2021

Another excellent post from Sally Edelstein on her Envisioning the American Dream blog. The subject matter is not new to anyone who pays any attention to happenings in this country. For the umpteenth million time a person with a legally obtained firearm has terrorized significant portions of the American populace by letting loose a fusillade of bullets in a crowded public venue, killing way too many innocent people trying to go about their ordinary lives in a public grocery store.

Once again, homage is being paid in government circles to the senselessness and unacceptability of such horrific events. Once again, Congress makes noises about the pros and cons of various proposals to deal with the aftermath of such events and to end them for once and for all. It’s truly amazing how such people can spend so much time and energy while accomplishing virtually nothing of substance.

Countless numbers of people have devoted countless hours producing articles and speeches and arguments designed to rid this society of the scourge of the endless perpetuation of such senseless evil allowed to prosper in our midst to no avail. Since I began this blog nearly a decade ago, I have been among the many seeking to put a halt to such unmitigated violence and wanton destruction of any semblance of moral rectitude in the face of such unacceptable evil in the guise of a mythical unrestricted right to bear weapons of improper (or even mass) destruction of the lives of innocent people.

The pronouncements of the disgraced leadership of the National Rifle Association and those politicians who owe that group allegiance based on campaign contributions, which in no small way enable them to gain and retain their hold on political power, provide no acceptable or reasonable excuse for inaction yet again on the part of our elected  representatives in our collective best interests. Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz and all of the other (mostly GOP but including some Democrats as well) folks continuing down this path of inaction is enabling the perpetuation of deliberate evil activity causing immeasurable pain to way too many people far too frequently. Make your voices heard demanding an end to the bloodshed, or at the very least, no longer permitted by those with the power to lessen its burden but lacking the courage to do so. – rjc

Source: Active Shooter…Only in America | Envisioning The American Dream

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  1. Who is responsible for the growing hatred towards the Arabic and Asian Americans? It’s no surprise the violence is on a sharp rise with our political leaders constantly bashing Russia, China, Arabic and Asian countries at large. All of the NATO countries point to others for human rights abuses while never looking in the mirror. None of the non-NATO countries have killed, tortured and murdered more people than all those killed since WW II. It will get worse as we get closer to another world war. Documents I have written by the US military state America can win a nuclear war. With Uncle Joe at the helm it’s more than possible to give it a go.

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  2. Well said, Rick! Thanks for including Sally Edelsteins’s post as well. I’ve put it out on my Twitter feed.

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