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The Republican Party Is America’s Foremost Anti-Democracy Force

July 28, 2021

If there has been any doubt about the veracity of the title of this post, the actions of Republican elected officials in Congress and most (if not all) state legislatures since the elections of last November is plain for the world to see. While ardent advocates of democracy have consistently sought to make the right to vote, as well as the ability of most people to express their political preferences at the polls as easy as possible, GOP candidates and elected officers have consistently made every effort to place as many obstacles as possible to prevent certain groups of people from exercising tjat right.

For generations, attempts to restrict and suppress votes have included gerrymandering Congressional and Legislative districts to favor continued election of candidates for one party over the other by diluting the votes of people in groups that have voted for a change of representation in legislative districts. Since changes in elective bodies brought about by changes in the most recent census, partisan majorities elected in more states have tried and often succeeded in making voting more difficult and/or more expensive for changes to occur in future elections.

A U.S. Supreme Court decision several years ago that decimated the Voting Rights Act provisions that forced certain states to get prior approval of state voting laws has come back and badly bitten our status as a democracy. In effect, many GOP-dominated states have sought to win continued political power, not by allowing the collective will of the voters, but selecting who is allowed to vote, where and under increasingly unequal conditions.

My views on exactly who should be permitted to vote, why and how is undoubtedly more extreme than that of most people in this country. I think people living, working and paying taxes should be allowed to vote regardless of where they were born. Does “No taxation without representation” ring a bell for anyone? Other groups like convicted felons and even those still in prison should also have the right to vote. Many states have change their laws concerning to permission to vote once they have completed their sentences. This is not the case for those still incarcerated.

Other restrictions making it much harder to vote – such as voter ID, taking away polling places to make some voters have to travel long distances and stand in long lines for hours on end while forbidding folks to provide any compassionate aid while waiting to vote – are likewise unacceptable. Taking away vote early voting and/or by mail-in absentee ballots also contribute to the rampant inequality of opportunity for many groups to vote.

The bottom line for me is that no person should have their right to vote in anyway dependent on what state or local area he/she lives in. We ALL should receive the same (or pretty damned close to it) right to vote. Voter ID is a spurious argument when advocated by the same people who also bitch and moan about having to show proof that they have been vaccinated for Covid-19. School kids have to provide proof of vaccination for many diseases and parents have been making them do so for generations. Voter ID acts as a poll tax suppressing the vote and restricting voter registration in many, if not most, states.

No, Mr. Trump, Governor Whoever and anyone else out there who is trying to prevent people from being able to vote for legislators and holders of any elective office that affects their lives – the voters need to choose you. You do not get to pick and choose which people are eligible to vote. Win elections by convincing folks that you will act in their interests if elected. Rich folks and corporations currently have much more representation from our various governing bodies than they should – at the expense of those who do the work that makes them rich and powerful in first place. Heck, Congress (not just the millionaires club that we call the Senate) has been refusing to make our government one Of, By and For the People.

If Abraham Lincoln were alive today, he would either leave the GOP (Grand Oligarchic Party} or fight to reverse its course from the authoritarian mess it has become in recent years. Sadly, I doubt Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt or even Reagan and the Bushes could be nominated by today’s Republican Party. By fate of birth, I never voted for the first two. I didn’t vote for the others, either. But there is a quantum leap from even them to Trump and the happy idiots in the ranks of elected Republicans who refuse to call him out for his insane lies.

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  1. The Republican Party has become the Fascist Party selling Putin’s brand of fascism. The former guy doesn’t matter any longer.

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    • I hope you are right about Trump, but I think the jury is still out concerning his continued relevance.

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      • I hope that I am right as well. Putin achieved his major goal of undermining American credibility as a democracy and its citizens’ belief in its institutions. Anything else is gravy for him


  2. Voter ID in Canada is having a government issued ID such as drivers licence. Makes it simple enough to vote. However, to ensure transperancy, our ridings where we vote, have changed the area and names to ones such as this Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi. Makes Covid easy to understand as we walk into trees trying to figure out what it means to vote. How is that for a balanced way to rig an election without mentioning it to the people.

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  3. Well said, Rick! I fear that many red state governors and legislators are at this very moment setting in place the legal mechanisms that will enable them to overturn a Democratic victory in the 2022 midterm elections and in the 2024 presidential election. The “stop the steal” party will be the party that actually does steal an election …

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  4. Marilyn Bryant permalink

    REPUBLICANS HAVE and CONTINUE TO PROVE NOW that they are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS as shown all over world JAN 5,6,7 2021 and until now and beyond. Please FBI INDICT COOLEY and all grifters who CHOOSE HITLER and ConcentrationCamps over American Democracy. Cooley pack up your Traitors and get out now. #DemocracyForever!

    On Wed, Jul 28, 2021 at 8:28 PM Rcooley123’s Blog wrote:

    > Rick Cooley posted: “If there has been any doubt about the veracity of the > title of this post, the actions of Republican elected officials in Congress > and most (if not all) state legislatures since the elections of last > November is plain for the world to see. While ardent adv” >


    • I have no idea why you insist on portraying me as a Nazi Hitler-worshipping latter day fascist hell-bent on destroying American democracy. I’m the furthest from glorifying Trump and his endless outlandishly insane rants of almost anyone I know or whose writings I am familiar with. Please enlighten me as to how you arrived at these conclusions from your reading of this post. Have you been guzzling the Trump Kool-Aid or what?


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