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Who are the Real Crisis Actors in Our Democracy?

August 1, 2021

Another awesome post from Envisioning the American Dream blog. We need to make sure that both the perpetrators and those who urged the violence in the Capitol on 1/6/21 are held accountable for the harm done on that date as well as the even worse consequences that would have come about if the coup attempt had succeeded.

Never again should a group be allowed to steal political power in this country by force – negating the voice of the people as expressed by the results of a legitimate election. This nation must send a message to those contemplating similar attacks on our democracy – starting with those a the top of the trash heap (Does the name “Donald Trump” ring a bell here?)

This coup attempt has not succeeded in attaining its main goals of forcefully and Unconstitutional replacing a freely elected President with a soundly defeated charlatan seeking to become an unrestrained autocratic dictator.

Trump is certainly not alone in his criminal culpability that resulted in the events of January 6th. The vast majority of elected officials – those who have excused these events and sought to convince the American People to accept the lies being put forth by the white supremacist and undemocratic fascist right wing extremists. They are, in fact, the worst of the worst domestic terrorists facing us today. The House select committee charged with brining the facts of exactly what happened, who did it and why. The GOP needs to reverse its compliance with the Trump agenda. If it will not do so, it must be soundly defeated in all future election by those among us willing and able to truly represent the interests of the people they seek to govern.

Thank you for writing this timely and insightful essay. I urge all who do not currently follow your blog to consider doing so. -rjc

Envisioning The American Dream

The only crisis actors during the Capitol insurrection were the domestic terrorists posing as patriots.

The unthinkable crisis they created in our democracy was all too real.

Worst Performance

Fox News Laura Ingraham Fox News Laura Ingraham gives “Best Performance Awards to Cops who testified about Capitol riots.

Shame on you Laura Ingraham.

How dare you Tucker Carlson for continuing to smear and refer to the four heroic officers who testified in Congress as crisis actors. These brave police officers are the true patriots who risked their own lives on January 6 while self righteous talking heads sat smugly and safely in their heated, well appointed TV studios at Fox News.

I’m Not Just Whistlin Dixie

These so called American patriots that the right wing media have idealized, this angry, violent mob who stormed our capitol destroying public property in their wake, their so called freedom-loving faces distorted with rage, entitlement and hate all…

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  1. Margie G Martinez permalink

    January 6th should never be forgotten. The day a former President, whose name and words are unspeakable and who called for a Coup on this day by people who don’t care about our UNITED STATES of America.
    Thank you for keeping us alert and mindful also of those Congress men and women who helped to light and inflame the rhetoric and who are also culpable.

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