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Texas abortion law: Federal judge issues order blocking 6-week ban – CNNPolitics

October 7, 2021

The news coming out of Washington and GOP-dominated state governments has not often been pleasant to progressives or to the mainstream population. Despite the ouster of Donald Trump and his cult of those espousing the not-so-subtle attempt at trashing our democracy and turning this nation into what would ultimately result in the creation of a de facto Fascist States of America, enough of our judiciary remains intact to occasionally thwart the powers of darkness.

Voting rights are threatened for millions of Americans, resulting in a potential chokehold on state and national governments by not permitting many of those who would oppose the GOP’s far-right agenda by preventing them from  voting or making it increasingly more difficult to vote. This has largely been made possible by a Supreme Court which gutted the Voting Rights Act several years ago. This situation needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

Another hotbed of terrible legislation which has become an avenue of GOP attacks on common decency as a function of democratic government of the people, by the people and for the people is the issue of abortion. The Trump stacked ultra-conservative Supreme Court of the United States openly allowed a new Texas law banning abortion after the onset of a fetal heartbeat – effectively banning abortion for the vast majority of cases that had been legal for decades due to SCOTUS decision made in the landmark Roe v. Wade. Standard SCOTUS  protocol would have been to block enactment of such a law until such time as a decision has been by SCOTUS to undo that precedent. The law has been blocked, albeit temporarily, by a lower level Federal Judge appointed by President Obama and confirmed by the Senate before Trump and McConnell had set about stacking the Federal Courts with judges and justices willing and able to negate decades of judicial precedence – in effect, legislating from the bench.

SCOTUS, with its 6-3 right wing majority, may well ultimately trash Roe v. Wade. The solution to this, voting rights and other civil rights laws most likely resides in national legislation establishing the sanctity of such rights in a way that prevents state governments from writing such laws and treating many of their citizens dramatically differently on these important issues than other states do.

Of course, such behavior on the part of way too many Congresscritters appears to be beyond the abilities and/or desires of our elected “representatives”. Such was also the case at the time of both Trump sham impeachment trials. Some of this requires future voting to elect people who have all our interests in mind, rather than the agenda of the rich and powerful and those interested in dictating the terms of our lives. We need to show them that they work FOR us and not the other way around. – rjc

Source: Texas abortion law: Federal judge issues order blocking 6-week ban – CNNPolitics

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  1. From Reuters yesterday “A U.S. appeals court late on Friday temporarily reinstated Texas’s restrictive abortion law…” Those attempting to create mini-Empires in the United States need a good lesson on the Constitution and the Laws that govern the nation. If this sort of lawlessness keeps up Rick I see a dye-blond saviour coming to the rescue in the next Presidential election.

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  2. Indeed, Dennis. So much for the lone wolf seeking to do the right thing in a sea of deadly sharks. Looks like the Supreme Court majority of politically partisan hacks will not be so easily defeated.

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  3. Authoritarian regimes always seek to take women’s rights away… It’s just the first step.

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