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Here are 4 ways you can effect meaningful change as we process yet another mass shooting

May 26, 2022

The dysfunctional manner by which we have been responding to mass shootings for what seems like forever needs to end. The refusal by mainly GOP members of Congress and state legislatures to pass any legislation to deal meaningfully with these events – and reduce the death tolls exacted by the perpetrators of these attacks is totally unacceptable.

The main obstacle to passing legislation dealing with mass shooting events in schools, churches, businesses and just about any conceivable venue for the gathering of large numbers of innocent men, women and children has consistently been the US Senate and its filibuster which enables a minority of Senators to squelch common sense and dictate to the vast majority of us laws which make us feel less secure. Calling the current lineup of the US Senate a Democrat Majority only because the Vice President can cast a tiebreaking vote is a cruel joke when what is needed is at least 60 votes to end a filibuster and send the bill to the Whitehouse for a Presidential signature.

Treating the Second Amendment as a sacrosanct right without limits is utter nonsense. All rights enumerated in the US Constitution have reasonable limits. My right to free speech does not extend to using it to yell, “FIRE!” in a crowded place when it is not true in order to start a panic which causes pain, suffering and possible death to some. I doubt many people (possibly outside of the NRA, anyway) would argue that the right to bear arms extends to a right to use nuclear weapons.

Just because the National Rifle Association uses its clout (in the form of campaign contributions) to stop reasonable limits on the purchase and/or use of weapons from being implemented does not mean we need fear for our lives or the lives of our children. Last time I checked, there is nowhere in the US Constitution any stipulation making that document a suicide pact so that weapons must be made available to every whack-a-doodle to open fire with their weapon of choice on whomever their twisted hearts deemed unworthy of life.

We need to stop accepting the feeble logic which leaves us at the mercy of who knows whom and for whatever reason deems it essential to snuff out our lives in a barrage of bullets. Make Congress do its job. Make sure to identify those who continue to use feeble logic as an excuse for refusing to serve their constituents. Vote them out of office and replace them with people who can think beyond their own lust for money and power and truly represent the people who live, work and learn in the state and House districts they represent. Same goes for state and local elected officials as well.

Source: Here are 4 ways you can effect meaningful change as we process yet another mass shooting


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  1. The “right to bear arms” was written into the US Constitution when there wasn’t a federal military. From your friend north of the border the US has developed a hand gun and rifle culture. We’ve been having a number of shootings lately in contrast to the mass killings you’re experiencing it makes my brain freeze. Thanks for sharing your voice Rick.

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