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In Trump and Christian Nationalism the Racism, and the Ghosts of the Confederacy Return | The Inglorius Padre Steve’s World

August 22, 2022

A little over three years ago, I published an essay to this blog entitled, “Trump Must Go.” Subsequently, Trump was soundly defeated in the 2020 Presidential Election. Trump has not admitted his defeat and most likely never will. He has gone to great lengths to spread the Big Lie that the election was an utterly criminal rigging of the election to give the office he won fair and square to the real loser – Joe Biden.

Trump, along with the support of the vast majority of members of the Republican Party, has cried his eyes out, rallied wherever and whenever he pleases and raised millions in cash from anyone and everyone willing and able to contribute to his cause. Donald Trump, though out of office, is far from gone. In fact, in some ways, he is even more subject to news coverage than he even was while in office.

Padre Steven Dundas wrote the linked essay for his blog. He is spot on. Whether Trump is elected to the Presidency again is irrelevant. So much of the Party leadership is pushing the notion that nothing can cause them to lose elections except for criminal activity by their opponents. Donald Trump is a felon. He makes Richard Nixon seem like a choirboy in comparison. In about a week and a half he’ll be holding a campaign rally in my city of Wilkes-Barre, PA encouraging us to elect candidates for governor, US Senate and US House of Representatives whom he endorsed prior to their primary victories.

The candidate for Governor was a State Senator who participated in the January 6, 2021 insurrection and is hoping to weed out ineligible voters by forcing all voters to re-register to vote before the next election. He also claims he would appoint a Secretary of State (which is true in PA) and will have the ability to invalidate any election results in the state. His candidate for US Senate is Dr. Oz – like himself a TV celebrity – who bought a house in PA just so he could run for the Senate.

Trump will likely run for President in 2024. What other use does he have for the millions of dollars he continues to raise on a daily basis? If he loses in the primaries it will no doubt be to someone who has been mimicking him since 2017. He is not above the law. He has broken plenty of laws before, during and after his term as President. He should be prosecuted where it is appropriate for any other American would be prosecuted.

The Inglorious Padre Steve’s World is a great blog, in my opinion. I encourage those don’t subscribe to it to do so. Trump Must Go. I mean depart the stage permanently. No more mention of holding public office or leading the nation down a path as far from democracy as possible. The GOP needs to stop endorsing his authoritarian agenda or face the fate of the Whigs. – RJC

Source: In Trump and Christian Nationalism the Racism, and the Ghosts of the Confederacy Return | The Inglorius Padre Steve’s World


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  1. padresteve permalink

    Thank you so much Rick. I appreciate the kind words.

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  2. Watching your situation in the US from here in Canada I wonder how much time the Senate and Congress have spent on domestic issues. After all they are elected to handle issues for Americans. Just seems all I hear them doing is holding hearings about Trump and his gang. Won’t say too much with our authorities always on vacation. Signed up to hear from Padre Steve’s World. Thanks Rick

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