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Rumors vs. reality: 6 facts about voting by mail for folks worried about election integrity

October 24, 2022

Contrary to opinions of naysayers who believe that our elections are overly fraught with voter fraud leading to the defeat of candidates who would obviously win if shenanigans did not prevail, voting by mail has proven to be a reliable method for conducting elections that are fair and accurate. Read the linked article for more information on this topic.

Those who deny election integrity based only on their belief (regardless of how strongly felt) that an election resulting in victory for any person(s) other than their stated preference is proof of voter or election fraud are in fact really just denouncing elections as a means of choosing political leaders. Donald Trump and the vast majority of those denying the validity of the 2020 election despite no proof of their allegations and plenty of evident to the contrary are seeking to replace our democracy with a neofascist regime led by Trump or one of his carbon copy wannabes.

As you vote this November, keep this in mind. Pennsylvania, which is where I live and vote, permits no excuse mail-in voting. I have used this method since 2020 to vote. I have found that this method brings results remarkably similar to voting on a machine in person during a specified short period of time. Sometimes my votes are cast for people who win and sometimes not.

Evidence exists that Trump’s backers include some willing to threaten election volunteers or even voters themselves with violence or prosecution. Voting is meant to be free, not under duress (unlike the recent sham “votes” held in portions of Ukraine to justify Russian claiming ownership of those areas). If you you don’t want to risk losing an election – don’t run. Don’t pretend that you deserve to win and refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the outcome with no evidence of chicanery.

People volunteering to help conduct free and fair elections do not deserve to face threats of physical or emotional violence for performing their civic duties. People inciting such threats or refusing to discourage them on the part of their supporters belong in jail, not elected office. The shoe fits. Trump may not be Cinderella, but his infectious election denialism certainly meets this description in my opinion.

Be safe. Vote in whatever manner is comfortable and legally available to you wherever you may be. But vote. Don’t let the autocrats win. – rjc


Source: Rumors vs. reality: 6 facts about voting by mail for folks worried about election integrity


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  1. Voting made simple as it should be. Hope the majority of the 100 million who did not vote do so in November.

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  2. And vote for people who will maintain not subvert the integrity of elections.

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