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WATCH: Bernie Sanders delivers Trump State of the Union rebuttal

A response to President Trump’s State of the Union message by Senator Bernie Sanders which did not receive the mainstream media coverage of the official Democratic response delivered by Rep. Kennedy. – RJC

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Tuesday delivered a response to Donald Trump’s State of the Union address. You can watch it below, via Facebook:

Source: WATCH: Bernie Sanders delivers Trump State of the Union rebuttal


America the Trumped: 10 ways the administration attacked civil rights in year one | Southern Poverty Law Center

Excellent documentation of how the Trump Administration has attacked the American people so far, produced by the SPLC. – RJC

Source: America the Trumped: 10 ways the administration attacked civil rights in year one | Southern Poverty Law Center

Trump’s Congressional Enablers

Ever Since Donald Trump began his run for the Presidency back in 2015, there has existed a palpable friction between him and the more establishment members of GOP Congressional leadership. At various times, Speaker Ryan, Senate Majority Leader McConnell and the President have been at odds on a number of occasions – be it on the failed efforts at repeal/replacement of the Affordable Care Act, final passage of the more recent tax cut legislation or some of the more vitriolic public (via Twitter and otherwise) pronouncements of personal disgust at each others’ inability to sway enough votes to actually succeed on any of the goals each has set out to accomplish in their leadership roles.

Distractions arise on a regular basis – often prompted by outrageous public pronouncements by President Trump which both Congressional leaders and the general public take issue with. The wavering in supporting/not supporting Roy Moore in his quest to succeed Jeff Sessions in the US Senate is one case in point. Controversy concerning seeming tolerance on the part of the President toward white supremacist groups and the violence spawned at some of their protests has also hurt his personal popularity. On international diplomatic matters, his overt bellicosity, particularly in dealing with North Korea and the issues involved in that country’s nuclear weapons program, has seemed to many to be anything but diplomatic.

At times, both during the campaign and since his inauguration, the Candidate and then President Trump has seemingly invited criticism of some of his most outrageous comments. He never seems to tire of taking any opportunity to personally insult anyone bold enough to question the veracity of any of his pronouncements or differ from his assessment of what course of action needs to take place regarding any given issue. During the campaign, people who chose to spar with Trump over his insults invariably seemed to lose the battle. Obviously, they all lost out in the race for the GOP nomination. It seemed as if all the steps he took for which he was criticized by the media and various pundits at large made no difference at all or only proved to be slight bumps in the road which turned into his inexorable rise to power.

No criticism has seemed to have any sort of long term effect on either the President’s popularity (which has been polled at historically low levels ever since he assumed the office) or his subsequent behavior. Challenges from political rivals, either in or out of office, seem to wither away without any backing down or admission of imperfection on Donald Trump’s part. He seems to have pretty successfully taken over firm control of the Republican Party to the point where the only people in office who dare question his fitness for office or the wisdom of proposed directions for action are those who have decided they have nothing more to lose – they’ve either opted to retire or not to run for re-election. Regardless of their stated public opposition to the President on various issues, most seem to be remarkably loyal to him when push comes to shove and they actually have to vote for or against any given bill in the House or Senate. This includes such prominent critics (some of whom were early backers of Trump) as Bob Corker, Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Susan Collins and Marco Rubio. Enough voted against the faulty attempts at passing horrid health care legislation to kill that, but none ended up voting against the even worse tax cut trickle down legislation which spawned that nauseating GOP love fest of Trump adoration which occurred just before the Holiday recess upon passage by both houses of Congress.

Every time that Donald Trump gets his way on any issue in which he is taking a stand to augment his own power to act without restriction in the form of Constitutional checks and balances puts this country that much closer to authoritarian rule. His attacks on freedom of the press and speech, and hence, any form of organized dissent, tend to lead this society in the exact opposite direction of making great at all, let alone again. Increasing calls by members of Congress to attack the independent counsel appointed to investigate allegations of interference in the 2016 election fall into the category of organized political interference in providing the American people with information we deserve and need to know in order to make informed choices in future elections – particularly the 2018 midterm elections and the one Trump really cares about in 2020.

Partisan attacks on the independent counsel and attempts to halt Congressional inquiries into these matters smack strongly of obstruction of justice coming from members and Chairs of committees just as they do coming from the White House itself. Conspiracy in participating in such a potential cover-up is failing to live up to the sworn duty of these elected officials. Failing to challenge the President when he is acting contrary to his own Constitutional responsibilities does likewise. Either means these elected officials are acting contrary to the interests of the constituents who elected them in order to show blind allegiance to their party and its self-declared “leader”. Whether this is to retain their own position of power or augment their own bank accounts is irrelevant. We need them to perform the duties of the position to which we elected them to best of their ability.

So far, the record shows that President Trump is doing a far better job of serving the interests of those who have been best served by his party in the past – and enacting legislation which coincides much more directly with the agenda put forward in recent years by Speaker Ryan, Majority Leader McConnell and the other GOP leaders who have served the interests of corporations and wealthy individuals over those of most of the people they nominally represent. This is not the constituency that got Trump elected President and forms the base of his core support. In time, this will become apparent to increasing numbers of those who voted for him and his support will dip further. In the meantime, reporting on the enabling of Trump to continue on his current path of governance by those in Congress who are supposed to be protecting us from his excesses becomes increasingly important as the November elections approach. We need to elect a Congress (and State legislatures) that will ensure more equal treatment for us all, rather than excessive privilege for the few, which has been the long term goal of Trump, his opponents within the GOP and those in the Democratic party who have been catering to corporate and wealthy donors far in excess of what democracy for all demands for way too long.

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Ben Cohen Of Ben and Jerry’s / Explains US Economy With Oreo Cookie

Excellent essay reblogged from Gronda Morin  that lays out some of the facts regarding our economy, taxing and spending used by our government to create the enormous economic inequality faced by the populace in this nature. Contradicts the constant narrative of the right wing politicians who successfully passed the most recent “tax reform” signed by President Trump in December 2017. Those hoping to retake our government from those determined to improve the lot of the wealthiest among us – both in terms of individual wealth and corporate profits – while making life more difficult for the rest of humanity need to start effectively spreading this message.

Life in this country, and the world as a whole, does not need to remain so divisive and based on such enormous economic inequality. We need to pay less attention to the lies spread by the powerful in order to keep us from seeing that we have much more in common with each other than we do with them. Common sense, math, accurate assessment of where all the wealth is going, who creates it and how it gets stolen to benefit the few requires stopping the incessant blaming of the victims and turning the tables on the true perpetrators of the inexcusable inequality we see before us now.

The inequality of income, wealth and opportunity is a construct forced upon us, not a natural outgrowth of personal characteristics by virtue of birth or “laziness”. Continuing to let government to coddle the wealthy while ignoring the effects of ignoring, or purposely oppressing the less privileged and thwarting any attempts they make at improving their individual or class interests will only make matters worse in the long run. We need to replace these representatives with people who better identify and seek to bring about governmental change to improve all our lives while simultaneously treating the planet in a manner more conducive to the long term interests of humankind and nature as a whole. – RJC

Gronda Morin

Listen to this video to get a real picture of the US economy. It is no wonder that so many peoples are so angry about their economic situation that they were willing to take a chance by voting for an outsider like Donald  Trump to become the US president in 2016. They felt they had nothing to lose.

This video also explains why conservative republicans are hard at work to create an alternative reality based on “fake news” because they wouldn’t dare share a dose of reality with the average Joe workers. Instead they provide the incentive for hard working Americans to blame “the other” by filling in the blank with names like illegal immigrants for us to use to explain our less than rosy economic conditions.

I recently saw a tweet where the author admitted to being White and unemployed. I responded that I empathized, but reminded him that…

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Who Has the Bigger Button?

These two men may well be the biggest threats to life on this planet in history. The war they threaten must be prevented, rather than won. The same is true of all wars, but the danger that exists should one of them start any sort of nuclear exchange far exceeds any possible benefit that one could imagine might come as a result. Peace – RJC

Padre Steve's World...Musings of a Progressive Realist in Wonderland


Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Over the past 24 hours we have seen two very emotionally and intellectually stunted, narcissistic and sociopathic authoritarian leaders continue to threaten each other and the world with nuclear war.

As I watch this drama play out I am reminded of the words that Albert Speer wrote of Adolf Hitler when he unleashed the Second World War by invading Poland:

“I do not think that in those early days of September, Hitler was fully aware that he had irrevocably unleashed a world war. He had merely meant to move one step further. To be sure, he was ready to accept the risk associated with that step, just as he had been a year before during the Czech crisis; but he had prepared himself only for the risk, not really for the great war.”

When I think of the statements, tweets, and comments of President Trump…

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Today’s Students–Slavery by Debt

An excellent essay by Ellen Brown via Dandelion Salad on how the powers that be retain control over us mere mortals by turning our attempts at advancement by way of educational attainment into yet another opportunity for them to make even more profit at our expense. How much college debt do you suppose the Trumps of this world are ever faced with? Add in credit card debt, mortgage financing and other forms of debt and we can see why trying to get ahead without hereditary wealth is so difficult and why “equal opportunity” is often a cruel hoax in this society. – RJC

via Today’s Students–Slavery by Debt by Ellen Brown

The Fraudulent Administration of Donald Trump: Unfulfilled Promises

As the clock winds down on the first year of the Trump Administration, taking stock of how reality matches up to campaign rhetoric may be a useful and educational experience. So far, promises of populist progress for the vast majority of the American people appear to be taking a back seat to a decades-old GOP policy agenda more than the promises made which encouraged millions of voters to support Donald Trump in November 2016. The year end flurry of activity to pass a tax cut law which furthers a right wing agenda espoused by Speaker Ryan since at least his days as Chair of the House Budget Committee speaks volumes as to where this Administration is willing to go in order to be able to declare a legislative victory despite the effects such legislation promises to deliver to the nation as a whole.

Congress, under firm GOP control, has shown no inclination to allow populist policies hinted at by President Trump on the campaign trail. A promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a system that did a better job of achieving quality affordable health care to all resulted in months of frantic but fruitless legislative activity which, if passed, would have resulted in millions of people being forced to lose health insurance they had just recently acquired. Any attempts to actually improve the system have been relegated to the dustbin of history and the ACA is being sabotaged by, among other things, a provision of the new tax cut legislation which does away with the portion of the ACA which makes health insurance coverage mandatory for each individual. Repeal of the individual mandate will result in millions of people choosing not to pay for insurance, and premiums to become unaffordable for millions more – effectively throwing the out of the insurance market as well.

President Trump dutifully did make what attempts he could to achieve some of the other big-ticket items from his campaign. While the infamous border wall he promised to build between the U.S. and Mexico has been beset by funding problems (for some reason, despite his claims to the contrary, Mexico has been reluctant to pay for it, and Congress hasn’t seem fit to do so, either). He has been trying to tackle some immigration issues using Executive Orders which have been dealt several blows by our judiciary system. His Administration has also stepped up efforts to deport many undocumented immigrants and keep out others (primarily Hispanic and Muslim) in order to somehow fight terrorism and drug trafficking while keeping immigrants from stealing jobs competing with American citizens.

Part of Trump’s assault on immigration has included his stated intention to end the DACA program instituted by the Obama Administration which deferred action to remove immigrants brought here as children, allowing many to remain here legally for specified time periods to live, work, go to school, etc. For many, this is the only home they’ve ever known. Congress, of course, is responsible for passing legislation dealing with all these immigration issues, but has been putting off doing so for decades – just as it has most other important legislation. This year’s budget, as has been the case for quite some time, is being delayed by continuing resolutions for a couple weeks or months at a time so Congress can take recesses to recharge without shutting down the government again.

Many of the Trump campaign promises fed on racism and pitting working folks against each other, demonizing some (Hispanics and Muslims, for example) to favor white working class people. He made some high profile attempts to keep factories open here (along with the jobs they provided) rather than moving abroad, but the results have been spotty and costly. The tax law just passed gives huge tax breaks to big business with no guarantee that the money will in anyway make it to the pockets of the majority of the workers in those companies as opposed to their executives and shareholders.The relative pittance meted out to working families in terms of reducing their taxes is set to expire in a few years, while the corporate breaks are open-ended.

Any economic boost that could put major money back into the economy from the bottom up – like major infrastructure spending – has been relegated to the back burner while both the Congressional GOP and President Trump appear to be maintaining their focus on the tried and failed philosophy of trickle-down economics, where you make the rich richer and coddle the corporations so they’ll miraculously become socially conscious benefactors and invest in their workforces to boost demand for goods and services and create the need for new and better jobs. Hasn’t worked in this country since Reagan started preaching it back in the 1980’s, but this time, by golly, it will. In the meantime, economic, educational and political inequality continues to grow exponentially each time one of these tax cut phases is initiated, to be followed by belt-tightening austerity felt primarily by the less well-to-do once the religion of balanced budgets reasserts itself.

Trump’s theme of Make America Great Again has been amended sarcastically or satirically as Make America Hate Again (white supremacy, anyone?) which more accurately describes the results of his policies on our society once implemented. Lying to people or pretending that policies are meant to benefit everyone provide a distraction for sufficient robbery of the bulk of the population to further the wealthy few to take place that the resultant economic collapse hides the fact that we are not all victims of some random economic calamity. The recovery, like the catastrophe preceding it, comes on the backs of the mass of humanity, not the oligarchs. In he aftermath of the last recession, how many working families were bailed out, as opposed to banks and other big corporations? Who paid for the bailouts and what benefit did they obtain in return, other than that chances are they’ll have to do it all over in a few years or decades?

So far, the economy has hummed along nicely for President Trump, but that is hardly due to any steps he has taken to make it do so. Trade and domestic economic policies – including workers’ rights and protections – are promising to get worse as his favoring of corporate management over workers becomes more apparent. Rhetoric doesn’t feed families and sophistry doesn’t create jobs without solid investment and the desire to truly advance the ability of average workers to make ends meet on a daily basis. If his economic plans for the country match what he has done with his businesses, I doubt our economy is in good hands. How many success stories have we heard coming out of Trump University?

Make America Great Again domestically for Trump seems to mean  making life increasingly easier for the wealthy, giving them more economic wealth and political power to maintain their status, while impoverishing more of us and disenfranchising more of us from any sense of real political power to influence the future of own governance. On the world stage, Making America Great Again pits us increasingly against more and more people and countries as our government seeks to wield its power militarily and economically to exploit resources and people abroad for the benefit of American workers, corporations and oligarchs (at least rhetorically, because the workers wouldn’t be gung-ho nationalists if they realized they were themselves being hoodwinked to protect the interests of their bosses by being pitted against their foreign peers).

At any rate, the Trump Administration has thus far failed to inspire confidence in many of us in its ability to improve our prospects as individuals or as a society. They have done much to indicate that they are participating in government as a kleptocracy rather than a democracy, which he has shown his greatest degree of competence in to this point. His foreign policy is a shambles threatening to be even more deadly on a worldwide basis than even his worst predecessors achieved. As long as allow the rest of the government to steer him along the current path it has taken this year, things will not become greater for most of us – not in terms of quality of life, actual liberty (including civil and human rights) or the pursuit of anything resembling true happiness and fulfillment. Recent elections and polls have been promising signs that we may still be able to turn things around in the not-too-distant future, but it will take a lot of hard work by many people to do so.

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“How much will Trump personally benefit from the GOP tax cuts?”

Sinking in the Swamp

Excellent essay by Ron Jacobs about how Donald Trump has not, will not and cannot drain the swamp that stands in the way of true democracy under this government. More people seem to be understanding this with the passage of time and the obvious lack of progress on his grandiose (alleged) plan to Make America Great Again. – RJC

Source: Sinking in the Swamp

It’s About Time

Agreed. People are waking up. Trump thought he was going to win this year, but this is poetic justice. Sexual harassment, predatory behavior and assault will hopefully stop being swept under the rug. Congressmen are retiring and resigning as well as high profile entertainment industry and media personalities. We’ll see what happens with Roy Moore soon. But when will people like President Trump and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas receive their due? Excellent essay in Envisioning the American Dream blog. – RJC

Envisioning The American Dream

The Cover of Time's Person of the Year issue What a difference a year makes. Photo Time Inc.

Women are breaking their silence about sexual harassment and it’s about time!

Recognizing the #MeToo impact on society, Time magazine has chosen “The Silence Breakers” as its 2017 Person of the Year.

It is a perfect rebuke to last year’s Person of the Year, our current Predator-in-Chief Donald J. Trump the very poster boy for sexual abuse.

I Hate Losers

Oh karma how sweet you are!

In a sweet bit of irony, Donald Trump has again lost the popular vote to the power of women.

As the #sad runner-up, i.e. #loser for the coveted Time title, Trump can take comfort in the fact that he did make this years’ Time magazine  Person of the Year issue after all.  Our pussy grabbing President is mentioned 8 times in the issue as being a sexual predator.

PussyGate, PussyGate, I Love You…..

Donald Trumps remarks om Access Hollywood set off Donald Trump’s…

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How Do GOP Tax Proposals Hurt Your Bottom Line, Mr. President?

The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passed separate, non-identical bills calling for massive tax cuts for both corporations and people (yes – corporations are not people). The jubilation over success in this endeavor, while not yet a completed and signed law, almost overcame the negative vibes last week provided by the Michael Flynn indictment/ guilty plea to a charge of lying to federal agents concerning the current investigation to possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government regarding the latter’s alleged attack on our 2016 Presidential election to aid in the surprise victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

These bills could potentially be the biggest tax cuts in this country in decades. One major problem with them is that the vast majority of the gains would be felt by large multinational corporations and the very wealthy among us. Another is that all estimates show a resultant 1 to1.4 trillion dollar addition to the deficit and national debt. Unfortunately, our President and his Congressional enablers are spinning the cuts as the best thing since the invention of predatory crony capitalism. As has been the practice of tax cutting Republicans from days of Ronald Reagan, the supply side economists claim that revenue reductions resulting from the tax cuts will be made up by the boost the additional money gives the economy as corporations invest their windfall into improvements in their corporations. Money that had been held offshore and outside of the country to avoid taxation here will be brought back to further boost the economy here. Trickle down to workers in the form of wage increases would leave everyone better off.

None of these claims is new. What would be new would be if any of this pie-in-the-sky stuff ever actually happened as promised by the snake oil salespeople favoring their implementation. Didn’t happen under Reagan, who cut taxes at the top while radically increasing military spending. While running against Reagan for the GOP Presidential nomination in 1980, his future Vice President and ultimate successor, George H.W.Bush, called the philosophy “Voodoo Economics” – implying it depended on smoke and mirrors and otherwise magical stuff in order to be adequately explained to us mere mortals. Math couldn’t do it then, nor has it succeeded now.

The GOP seem to forget totally about their normally vehement abhorrence of deficit spending when they have control of the executive and legislative branches and decide to embark on one of these schemes. They lower taxes, primarily benefitting those at or near the top of the economic ladder, while throwing scraps to workers and those in the middle or near the bottom to make it seem like everybody is benefitting through their economic wizardry. The actual result ends up being even more wealth concentrated in fewer hands, with opportunities for economic advancement even more restricted to the vast majority of us. Dissatisfaction with the failure of reality to achieve the high expectations raised by the purveyors of these policies eventually results in either taxes being raised again (as little as possible on corporations or the wealthy}, election of politicians with opposing views to replace and try to fix the problems resulting from the supply side economic policies, or both.

History has shown us in past renditions of this scenario that the ultimate goal is to rob the vast majority of us of what little wealth remains after the oligarchs use their control of the government to reverse any progressive gains that may have been made in the way of improved education, availability of good health care, reduction of poverty, etc. Bernie Sanders and others have predicted when this house of cards starts falling down, which it will, the first things that will be attempted, prior to raising taxes, will be to attack the social safety net as being too expensive. Hence, the attempts to dismantle the ACA rather than improve it as many of us would prefer. Next would come programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. They’ve already shown a willingness to let children do without needed health care by their bungling of CHIP funding (though I probably shouldn’t call it bungling since it was intentional).

Donald Trump appears to either have been totally blowing smoke or deliberately lying when he was promising to improve the economy for the working people of this country during the 2016 campaign. He still talks up a storm when describing how great this scheme will be for all of us – except, of course, Donald J. Trump and his fellow billionaires. There are probably a myriad of reasons why he has steadfastly refused to make public his own past tax records. They boil down to a general desire to keep us all in the dark with regard to how he makes, earns, steals or whatever it is he does to become and stay so rich. the secrecy also makes it difficult for anyone to do an accurate analysis of what he means when he says that the proposals made to this point would definitely NOT improve his financial bottom line.

Donald Trump’s financial ethics have strained public credulity since it became apparent he had no intention of following the precedents of prior wealthy holders of his current position regarding not using his position to benefit unduly financially from being President while in office. Sure, they all seem to make money after leaving, but he keeps getting taxpayer money thrown at his businesses – be it from the need for added security at many locations he and his family frequents and are owned by his companies, or by foreign entities wishing to curry favor by staying in a hotel he owns or that has his name attached to it. Divestment or use of a blind trust to allay the appearance of corruption on his part have been accepted practices by his predecessors, but are beneath his dignity.

When Trump claims he is being hurt by the proposed changes, there is one factor alone which makes his claims seem ludicrous in the extreme. Eliminating the inheritance tax, which only affects the wealthiest of the wealthy, would save his heirs an estimated amount of somewhere in the area of a billion dollars. Ensuring that a man who was born rich, inherited millions from his father and enjoyed the unearned benefits automatically bestowed on anyone possessing them is allowed to perpetuate that inequality of wealth and privilege by providing the same to his children and their children and so on ad infinitum is not something a society espousing egalitarian ideals and democracy should be aspiring to emulate. Trump acts like he is owed more from our society than the rest of us because of what he has, not what he has done.

Congress seems happy to go along with him in this current rendition of trickle down mania tax cuts. It suits their moneyed donors and helps make it easier for them to stay in office. The resultant policy will also help most of their bottom lines financially as well. Calling Congress a millionaires club may be an exaggeration, but not by much. The policy will not work as advertised. Never has, never will. The pattern will follow that of Reagan and the Bushes. How many of us can say the economy is appreciably better now than it was for their parents or grandparents? Sure, progress gets made, but there is always foot-dragging and attempts made to reverse that progress. Look at what Sam Brownback has managed to do in his tenure as Governor of Kansas with a rightwing GOP dominated legislature. I haven’t heard clarion calls for his nomination to be our next President – certainly not by the residents of his own state. Catering to the whims and wishes of the elites and big business may be a way to gain and maintain a modicum of political power, but it is no way to govern in a democracy.

I am not trying to put down all wealthy people because they are wealthy, but find many of their arguments that they somehow earned and deserve to maintain that degree of wealth in light of the degree of human suffering caused by such inequitable policies and economic systems insulting. This is particularly true when dealing with someone who has done nothing to go out of their way to improve the lives of anyone outside of their limited social circles or even immediate family. Our government needs to be by, of and for each and every one of us, not merely those who managed to accumulate enough wealth to buy whatever they want whether or not they harm others in the process. The people occupying elected offices in Washington and the various state capitals need to keep this in mind.

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