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We Will Not Turn the Clock Back On Roe v Wade

Another outstanding essay by Sally Edelstein in her Envisioning the American Dream blog. The SCOTUS draft argument to overturn the Roe v. Wade precedent and steal women’s reproductive rights by allowing states to severely rollback access to safe abortion care should become a major issue for this November’s Midterm Elections.

Turning the clock back by negating half a century of pro-choice protections while demanding via Court decision a mandate forcing birth upon all women under any circumstances with no exemptions against the wishes of a large majority of the American people is unacceptable. We need to vote out any and all advocates of such a draconian policy.

Furthermore, Congress needs to enact legislation protecting these rights, as well as other recently acquired rights (same sex marriage being an obvious example) from attacks by the hard rightwing GOP. We need to be strengthening these rights, not elimination them out of spite. – rjc

Envisioning The American Dream

Handmaids Tale

Many women went to sleep last night in America only to wake up to find out they are living in Gilead.

I came late to the game watching Handmaid’s Tale, having only recently begun binging it. A totalitarian society that strips away a woman’s physical autonomy and reproductive rights in the former United States originally seemed too darkly dystopian for my tastes.

But now it feels as if the storylines are no longer confined to HULU- it is streaming free in real life.

A document leak from the Supreme Court indicated that this summer they are poised to nullify Roe v Wade ensuring abortion will be banned in over 20 states and made difficult to obtain in many others.

Hearing the news last night was like a gut punch. The cruelty of it was breathtaking. I gasped.

We are headed back to the dark ages kids, the dark ages of…

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Legitimate Political Discourse

Recent statements published by the Republican National Committee (RNC) made a mockery of the English language by depicting the attempted coup and overturning of the results of the 2020 US Presidential election on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC as an example of Legitimate Political Discourse caused many to wonder what would constitute Illegitimate Political Discourse. Live televised coverage of what appeared to most observers to be a violent riot/insurrection were likened to a mere exercise of the Constitutional First Amendment Right to Free Speech.

Prior to the outbreak of this riot, attendees of a then-President Donald Trump rally across the city were urged to march on the United States Capitol and demand that the electoral vote count to certify the election of Joseph Biden to replace the previously impeached Trump be overturned so that he could remain in office despite losing the popular vote by several million votes in more than enough states with sufficient electoral votes to guarantee Biden victory. An unprecedented number of lawsuits claiming blatant voter fraud and illegal election tampering were unanimously thrown out of courts in a number of key battleground states as having absolutely no merit whatsoever.

Throughout both of his Presidential campaigns, Donald Trump was extremely virulent in asserting that the only way he could lose the election would be illegal rigging of the results favoring his opponents. There was never any danger of him admitting electoral defeat. His antics in both campaigns were consistent. He would have put just as much effort into attempting to overturn a loss to Hilary Clinton in 2016 as he did to Biden in 2020, though he likely would not have achieved infamy he earned by inciting the riot/insurrection/failed coup attempt of 1/6/21 – if only because he had none of the Presidential powers he abused so blatantly last year.

Trump’s negative influence in regard to political discourse is still with us. His willingness to use rhetoric to encourage his sycophants to participate in violent responses to perceived mistreatment and unfair rigging of the election results to the detriment of their beloved and fearless leader is seen by many as permitting similar behavior on their part. A case in point would be the recent posturing by Senator Lindsey Graham when he publicly advocated for citizens of Russia to assassinate Vladimir Putin to end his dictatorial reign and restore peace in Ukraine.

Such volatile language was often present in speeches that Trump gave to rallies before, during and after both elections. Remember when he claimed that he could shoot someone in broad daylight in New York City and still retain the favor of his devoted followers? Whether this was true or not (hopefully, we will never find out which) he seemed convinced that it was and his hard core followers did as well. His penchant for demeaning and insulting anyone and everyone who dared question the veracity of his pronouncements or the appropriateness of his actions seems to be affecting a significant portion of the campaigns which have begun  for the midterm elections which will be held this coming November.

The American people and especially registered Republicans deserve better leadership than has ever been provided Donald Trump and the talking heads who currently use ridiculous sophistry in an attempt to hide the fact that their fearless (or is that feckless?) leader used all his skills to attempt to incite a violent insurrection to gain in a riot in the nation’s capital what they failed to achieve at the polls the previous November. A riot that killed and injured innocent people and threatened the health and safety of many others is not legitimate political discourse. It is criminal activity deserving of charges and trial in a court of law.

The conduct of the vast majority of those Republicans unwilling or too fearful of the consequences to their future political careers to stand up to the lies and rantings of a former Commander-in-Chief totally devoid of common human decency or moral integrity is unacceptable. If they refuse to fulfill their oaths of office by letting Trump do whatever suits his fancy, they and their political party deserve to be dealt an unprecedented landslide defeat in the November elections. For our federal government to devolve into one of, by and for Donald Trump or whatever fascist authoritarian pretender seeking to rule in his place is a travesty of justice we simply cannot abide if we hope to thrive in the days to come.

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Restoring a Functional Democracy in an Increasingly Authoritarian Society

Crunch time is rapidly approaching for the American People to preserve our government as one of the people, by the people and for the people. The midterm elections coming this November will require those of us seeking a democratic government that listens to us and actually seeks to improve the conditions under which most of us live our lives will need to fight harder than ever before to counter efforts of authoritarian and oligarchic forces at the local, state and federal levels to strip us of our rights to elect our own representatives to govern us in a way that allows us ALL to prosper in every aspect of ours lives – not just the top 1 or 2 percent.

Since President Biden was sworn into office under the shadow of an attempt to overrule the will of the people as expressed at the polls in November of 2020, the Republican party has shown itself willing to go to great lengths regain political power that it never intends to relinquish – the US Constitution be damned. I do not blame President Biden for the failure to secure the voting rights of all Americans or his Build Back Better plan to move in a progressive direction to empower us, rid us of attacks on our social safety net while alleviating economic, social and political inequality.

I also do not blame.Senators Sinema and Manchin for the failure of the Senate to pass key parts of the Biden agenda. We need to remember that passage of the Affordable Care Act was enormously difficult despite a much bigger majority of seats held by Democrats at the time than exists today. Badgering those two senators only gives cover to the 50 GOP senators who are unwilling to listen to their own constituents and pass these bills supported by a large majority of the American people. While skirting the filibuster requiring a supermajority of votes to pass the bills was conceivable at the outset, it obviously isn’t happening with this Senate. VP Harris doesn’t get a vote if they can’t get to a 50-50 tie.

Given this situation, how can we make this happen? Unlike Trump, I’m not about to encourage violent protests and death threats to get people to change their minds about either the filibuster or the desirability of passing this legislation. There is an election coming in November for all seats in the US House of Representatives and a third of the seats in the US Senate. We need to make sure that each and every Representative, Senator, state legislator or governor who has gone out of their way (via voter suppression legislation and/or gerrymandering) to rig these elections with a view towards GOP victory to still lose their elections.

Grassroots organizing is needed to provide as much assistance as possible to register voters and facilitate their casting ballots in their own interests instead of giving up and letting the GOP achieve their goals of winning enough seats to enable the GOP to obstruct any and all bills proposed by Biden to a degree not experienced in this country in my lifetime, if ever. This can be done. Before he was elected mayor of Burlington, VT, where I lived at the time, Bernie Sanders was running for statewide office and polling in single digits. He subsequently won election to the US House (which in VT is a statewide position), then the US Senate – always running as an independent.

Winning elections with as many barriers as are currently being passed in just about every GOP-dominated state in the country, will not be easy, but we need to get it done. These elected officials need to be held accountable for their constant refusal to act in the best interest of anyone other than their fat cat campaign donors and big businesses at our expense. The recent development of GOP elected Congresscritters taking credit for benefits to their constituents resulting from laws written by Democrats which was voted against by almost every single Republican is the height of hypocrisy. Call them out on this every chance you get.

This country needs uniformity on a basic level that applies to each and every state when it comes to the right to vote. The sections of the Voting Rights Act that were ripped to shreds need to be addressed legislatively by Congress. There is precious little support for this among GOP legislators at any level of government – and none among Trump and the folks who put him in the White House once and hope to do so again in 2024. Now is the time to fight to remove them before they can succeed. Trump has been vanquished for the time being. We need to make sure he doesn’t get another chance to destroy democracy in this country. Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and the vast majority of their fellow GOP elected officeholders need to be prevented from following in his footsteps. Ever.

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Dear President Joseph Biden,

Excellent essay from Moira Donovan from her Nine Cent Girl blog thanking President Biden for all his efforts to clean up the cesspool left him an us in the wake of the alleged Administration of his predecessor Donald J. Trump. We truly need to strive mightily in the days ahead to preserve and restore our government to the compassionate democracy that most of us want us to live under – despite what Trump and the Republican Party he has all but made unrecognizable as the party that led this nation through the turmoil of the Civil War and the slavery ended by it in its infancy.

We will obviously need to work hard to elect a Congress that will end the slide into authoritarian rule that the current GOP leadership (including the Man Who Would Be King who seems likely to run again in 2024} seeks to install to rule over us, rather than of, by and for us. Reclaiming democracy requires eliminating the gridlock that Congress has become thanks to the unwillingness of too many in our state and national legislatures to represent the needs, hopes and aspirations of the people who elect them to serve, -rjc

Nine Cent Girl

Dear President Joseph Robinette Biden,

I hope you are well, and ready to celebrate the upcoming holidays with reverence and joy. Lord knows, you have earned a few family days, in fact, I hope you have several moments when you are not worried about all of us. I am looking forward to a few days like that myself. You see, I’m a high school teacher of English, and I know for sure you understand what that entails, in terms of never being too far removed from your work life. My wish for the both of us is to step away for a minute and rejoice in the wonders of the season.

So, why am I writing you? Well, that’s a simple one to answer. I just want to say thank you. I get the feeling you might not hear those two words enough from people. I must admit, they carry…

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When America Was “Great”… by Paul Street + Indigenous Peoples’ History is More Complicated Than a Holiday Myth – Dandelion Salad

Another excellent essay by Paul Street on the Dandelion Salad blog.

Trump and his followers wearing the trademark “MAGA” insignia haven’t so much as a clue concerning what would actually constitute greatness when referring to the land of the free and the home of the brave. This issue shows where Trump’s rhetoric makes a mockery of the phrase “Make American Great Again”.

Donald Trump has a twisted vision of what it would mean to make America great to begin with.  He merely spouted the platitudes he thought would earn him the votes he would need to win the Presidency – with neither the knowledge of what our society would become nor the inclination to act in such a manner as to achieve it. In any case, few people would say that America is any closer to greatness than it was before he took office.

The Former President’s claim that only he can fix what is broken is preposterous. Any progress towards a more humane, egalitarian, non-discriminatory society that restores rather than destroys the planet and the people living on it will be made despite, rather than because of, the efforts and actions of Donald Trump and what he has made of the GOP.

Source: When America Was “Great”… by Paul Street + Indigenous Peoples’ History is More Complicated Than a Holiday Myth – Dandelion Salad


Texas abortion law: Federal judge issues order blocking 6-week ban – CNNPolitics

The news coming out of Washington and GOP-dominated state governments has not often been pleasant to progressives or to the mainstream population. Despite the ouster of Donald Trump and his cult of those espousing the not-so-subtle attempt at trashing our democracy and turning this nation into what would ultimately result in the creation of a de facto Fascist States of America, enough of our judiciary remains intact to occasionally thwart the powers of darkness.

Voting rights are threatened for millions of Americans, resulting in a potential chokehold on state and national governments by not permitting many of those who would oppose the GOP’s far-right agenda by preventing them from  voting or making it increasingly more difficult to vote. This has largely been made possible by a Supreme Court which gutted the Voting Rights Act several years ago. This situation needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

Another hotbed of terrible legislation which has become an avenue of GOP attacks on common decency as a function of democratic government of the people, by the people and for the people is the issue of abortion. The Trump stacked ultra-conservative Supreme Court of the United States openly allowed a new Texas law banning abortion after the onset of a fetal heartbeat – effectively banning abortion for the vast majority of cases that had been legal for decades due to SCOTUS decision made in the landmark Roe v. Wade. Standard SCOTUS  protocol would have been to block enactment of such a law until such time as a decision has been by SCOTUS to undo that precedent. The law has been blocked, albeit temporarily, by a lower level Federal Judge appointed by President Obama and confirmed by the Senate before Trump and McConnell had set about stacking the Federal Courts with judges and justices willing and able to negate decades of judicial precedence – in effect, legislating from the bench.

SCOTUS, with its 6-3 right wing majority, may well ultimately trash Roe v. Wade. The solution to this, voting rights and other civil rights laws most likely resides in national legislation establishing the sanctity of such rights in a way that prevents state governments from writing such laws and treating many of their citizens dramatically differently on these important issues than other states do.

Of course, such behavior on the part of way too many Congresscritters appears to be beyond the abilities and/or desires of our elected “representatives”. Such was also the case at the time of both Trump sham impeachment trials. Some of this requires future voting to elect people who have all our interests in mind, rather than the agenda of the rich and powerful and those interested in dictating the terms of our lives. We need to show them that they work FOR us and not the other way around. – rjc

Source: Texas abortion law: Federal judge issues order blocking 6-week ban – CNNPolitics

Some Thoughts On Vaccinations and Effective Behavior to Stop Spreading Death in this Pandemic

Below is a post shared by multiple friends on Facebook. I have no idea where it originated, but it certainly makes a hell of a lot more sense to me in terms of compassion and reasonable behavior in light of the current Covid-19 dispute being largely fomented on social media, other mass media and those wishing to sell snake oil and chaos in local, state, national and world politics these days.

I am constantly amazed at those in positions to establish legal means by which to lessen the effects of Covid-19 by keeping it from infecting totally innocent people who are not able to protect themselves take actions to achieve the exact opposite. Why do political leaders, whether it be in Congress and the White House, State Legislatures and Governors’ offices – predominantly (if not exclusively) Republicans – feel it is more important to protect and preserve the rights of certain among us to pretend our behavior to live our lives with little or no concern for the effects it has on others is baffling.

Gee whiz. It’s a pain in the butt to have to go around wearing a mask to protect myself an others from unnecessary exposure to deadly pathogens. So what? Would it not be more convenient if we didn’t have to wear different clothing when the weather changes? How is altering behavior by establishing regulations mandating we act to protect us all, rather than just allowing some some perceived Social Darwinian “survival of the fittest” to rule our lives proof that our social fabric is being torn asunder by radical authoritarian socialists? Do we really want to subject children who do not currently have access to vaccination against the virus, to attending schools with little or no protections known to reduce their danger of contracting it?

I have received my recommended vaccinations courtesy of the VA. Like most of those bellyaching at the prospect of having another shot in the arm. I received many such shots while in the army an in school before that. Never seemed to be such a big deal when kids had to start providing immunization records to attend classes (with exceptions for special circumstances and religious exceptions). People who need to be immunized to travel places either do so or don’t go there.

I still wear a mask in public buildings even though many say I don’t have to because I have been vaccinated, because either the employees are wearing their or because nobody dare ask me to prove my status. I seek to lessen others’ concerns that I may be a threat to do health. It’s really not that much of an inconvenience. Parents deserve to not have to worry that sending their children to school is a major threat to their health. Neither do people dependent on income from a job that places them in contact with strangers on a regular basis, whether or not that job even pays them a livable  wage.

The Republican governors in states which have dictated that mask mandates at public schools are forbidden are playing political games with the lives of the most vulnerable among us. Kids can’t vote and don’t make donations to political campaigns. Making up or thriving due to the ludicrous claims of others on social media that the pandemic itself is a hoax or some miracle cure exists or that the approved vaccines make you magnetic or insert microchips into people so the government gains total control over their lives makes them look like champions of the downtrodden.

One of the worst offenders, naturally, is our former would-be President-for-Life, Donald J.Trump – he of the injectable hazardous chemicals and the seemingly endless mass-spreader events otherwise known as rallies. The worst among those still in office – the Governors of Florida and Texas and certain others in Congress and state governments – seem to be positioning themselves for future political glory as successors to Trump. All are incapable of truly leading a democratic society which seeks to benefit society as a whole. Rand Paul deserves to have any medical licenses he may possess be revoked for the nonsense he has been spouting of late.

As a society, we must stop acting in ways that protect the powerful and wealthiest among us at our expense. Calls for ending unemployment relief, the moratorium on evictions and other programs aimed at mitigating the harmful effects the pandemic has wreaked upon us are a ruse to further concentrate wealth and power in our country – and the world as a whole. Those who doubt this can just look at what has happened to the bank balances of Jeff Bezos and most of his billionaire buddies over the past year or so. How many people working for Amazon, pay raises while appreciated not withstanding, will be buying tickets to outer space in the near future?

At any rate, here’s the Facebook post I mentioned earlier. You may have already seen it and shared your thoughts on it as well:

I know some people who are against the vaccine but I saw this and had to post it. Makes sense:

I’m vaccinated and, no, I don’t know what’s in it – neither this vaccine, the ones I had as a child, nor in the Big Mac, or in hot dogs, or in other treatments…whether it’s for cancer, AIDS, the one for polyarthritis, or vaccines for infants or children. I trust my doctor when he says it’s needed.

I also don’t know what’s in Ibuprofen, Tylenol, or other meds; it just cures my headaches and my pains.

I don’t know what’s in the ink for tattoos, vaping, or every ingredient in my soap or shampoo or even deodorants. I don’t know the long term effect of cell phone use or whether or not that restaurant I just ate at REALLY used clean foods and washed their hands.


There’s a lot of things I don’t know and never will.

I just know one thing: life is short, very short, and I still want to do something other than just going to work every day or staying locked in my home. I still want to travel and hug people without fear and find a little feeling of life “before.”

As a child and as an adult I’ve been vaccinated for mumps, measles, rubella, polio, chicken pox, and quite a few others; my parents and I trusted the science and never had to suffer through or transmit any of said diseases … just saying.


* To not die from Covid-19.

* To NOT clutter a hospital bed if I get sick.

* To hug my loved ones

* To not have to do PCR or antigenic tests to go out dancing, go to a restaurant, go on holidays and many more things to come …

* To live my life and enjoy loved ones.

* For Covid-19 to be an old memory.

* To protect us.

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Hiroshima Is A Lie, by David Swanson – Dandelion Salad

On this 76th anniversary of the U.S. nuclear attack on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, this essay points out the faulty reasoning often expressed in explaining and/or justifying this first use of using nuclear weapons against civilian targets in time of war. To me, none of this reasoning makes the use of such weapons acceptable.

Another was used on Nagasaki a few days later. May that be the last time these weapons be used. It time we eliminate them entirely, not merely prevent other nations from gaining the ability to attack with nuclear bombs.

Source: Hiroshima Is A Lie, by David Swanson – Dandelion Salad

Who are the Real Crisis Actors in Our Democracy?

Another awesome post from Envisioning the American Dream blog. We need to make sure that both the perpetrators and those who urged the violence in the Capitol on 1/6/21 are held accountable for the harm done on that date as well as the even worse consequences that would have come about if the coup attempt had succeeded.

Never again should a group be allowed to steal political power in this country by force – negating the voice of the people as expressed by the results of a legitimate election. This nation must send a message to those contemplating similar attacks on our democracy – starting with those a the top of the trash heap (Does the name “Donald Trump” ring a bell here?)

This coup attempt has not succeeded in attaining its main goals of forcefully and Unconstitutional replacing a freely elected President with a soundly defeated charlatan seeking to become an unrestrained autocratic dictator.

Trump is certainly not alone in his criminal culpability that resulted in the events of January 6th. The vast majority of elected officials – those who have excused these events and sought to convince the American People to accept the lies being put forth by the white supremacist and undemocratic fascist right wing extremists. They are, in fact, the worst of the worst domestic terrorists facing us today. The House select committee charged with brining the facts of exactly what happened, who did it and why. The GOP needs to reverse its compliance with the Trump agenda. If it will not do so, it must be soundly defeated in all future election by those among us willing and able to truly represent the interests of the people they seek to govern.

Thank you for writing this timely and insightful essay. I urge all who do not currently follow your blog to consider doing so. -rjc

Envisioning The American Dream

The only crisis actors during the Capitol insurrection were the domestic terrorists posing as patriots.

The unthinkable crisis they created in our democracy was all too real.

Worst Performance

Fox News Laura Ingraham Fox News Laura Ingraham gives “Best Performance Awards to Cops who testified about Capitol riots.

Shame on you Laura Ingraham.

How dare you Tucker Carlson for continuing to smear and refer to the four heroic officers who testified in Congress as crisis actors. These brave police officers are the true patriots who risked their own lives on January 6 while self righteous talking heads sat smugly and safely in their heated, well appointed TV studios at Fox News.

I’m Not Just Whistlin Dixie

These so called American patriots that the right wing media have idealized, this angry, violent mob who stormed our capitol destroying public property in their wake, their so called freedom-loving faces distorted with rage, entitlement and hate all…

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The Republican Party Is America’s Foremost Anti-Democracy Force

If there has been any doubt about the veracity of the title of this post, the actions of Republican elected officials in Congress and most (if not all) state legislatures since the elections of last November is plain for the world to see. While ardent advocates of democracy have consistently sought to make the right to vote, as well as the ability of most people to express their political preferences at the polls as easy as possible, GOP candidates and elected officers have consistently made every effort to place as many obstacles as possible to prevent certain groups of people from exercising tjat right.

For generations, attempts to restrict and suppress votes have included gerrymandering Congressional and Legislative districts to favor continued election of candidates for one party over the other by diluting the votes of people in groups that have voted for a change of representation in legislative districts. Since changes in elective bodies brought about by changes in the most recent census, partisan majorities elected in more states have tried and often succeeded in making voting more difficult and/or more expensive for changes to occur in future elections.

A U.S. Supreme Court decision several years ago that decimated the Voting Rights Act provisions that forced certain states to get prior approval of state voting laws has come back and badly bitten our status as a democracy. In effect, many GOP-dominated states have sought to win continued political power, not by allowing the collective will of the voters, but selecting who is allowed to vote, where and under increasingly unequal conditions.

My views on exactly who should be permitted to vote, why and how is undoubtedly more extreme than that of most people in this country. I think people living, working and paying taxes should be allowed to vote regardless of where they were born. Does “No taxation without representation” ring a bell for anyone? Other groups like convicted felons and even those still in prison should also have the right to vote. Many states have change their laws concerning to permission to vote once they have completed their sentences. This is not the case for those still incarcerated.

Other restrictions making it much harder to vote – such as voter ID, taking away polling places to make some voters have to travel long distances and stand in long lines for hours on end while forbidding folks to provide any compassionate aid while waiting to vote – are likewise unacceptable. Taking away vote early voting and/or by mail-in absentee ballots also contribute to the rampant inequality of opportunity for many groups to vote.

The bottom line for me is that no person should have their right to vote in anyway dependent on what state or local area he/she lives in. We ALL should receive the same (or pretty damned close to it) right to vote. Voter ID is a spurious argument when advocated by the same people who also bitch and moan about having to show proof that they have been vaccinated for Covid-19. School kids have to provide proof of vaccination for many diseases and parents have been making them do so for generations. Voter ID acts as a poll tax suppressing the vote and restricting voter registration in many, if not most, states.

No, Mr. Trump, Governor Whoever and anyone else out there who is trying to prevent people from being able to vote for legislators and holders of any elective office that affects their lives – the voters need to choose you. You do not get to pick and choose which people are eligible to vote. Win elections by convincing folks that you will act in their interests if elected. Rich folks and corporations currently have much more representation from our various governing bodies than they should – at the expense of those who do the work that makes them rich and powerful in first place. Heck, Congress (not just the millionaires club that we call the Senate) has been refusing to make our government one Of, By and For the People.

If Abraham Lincoln were alive today, he would either leave the GOP (Grand Oligarchic Party} or fight to reverse its course from the authoritarian mess it has become in recent years. Sadly, I doubt Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt or even Reagan and the Bushes could be nominated by today’s Republican Party. By fate of birth, I never voted for the first two. I didn’t vote for the others, either. But there is a quantum leap from even them to Trump and the happy idiots in the ranks of elected Republicans who refuse to call him out for his insane lies.

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