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Sinking in the Swamp

Excellent essay by Ron Jacobs about how Donald Trump has not, will not and cannot drain the swamp that stands in the way of true democracy under this government. More people seem to be understanding this with the passage of time and the obvious lack of progress on his grandiose (alleged) plan to Make America Great Again. – RJC

Source: Sinking in the Swamp


It’s About Time

Agreed. People are waking up. Trump thought he was going to win this year, but this is poetic justice. Sexual harassment, predatory behavior and assault will hopefully stop being swept under the rug. Congressmen are retiring and resigning as well as high profile entertainment industry and media personalities. We’ll see what happens with Roy Moore soon. But when will people like President Trump and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas receive their due? Excellent essay in Envisioning the American Dream blog. – RJC

Envisioning The American Dream

The Cover of Time's Person of the Year issue What a difference a year makes. Photo Time Inc.

Women are breaking their silence about sexual harassment and it’s about time!

Recognizing the #MeToo impact on society, Time magazine has chosen “The Silence Breakers” as its 2017 Person of the Year.

It is a perfect rebuke to last year’s Person of the Year, our current Predator-in-Chief Donald J. Trump the very poster boy for sexual abuse.

I Hate Losers

Oh karma how sweet you are!

In a sweet bit of irony, Donald Trump has again lost the popular vote to the power of women.

As the #sad runner-up, i.e. #loser for the coveted Time title, Trump can take comfort in the fact that he did make this years’ Time magazine  Person of the Year issue after all.  Our pussy grabbing President is mentioned 8 times in the issue as being a sexual predator.

PussyGate, PussyGate, I Love You…..

Donald Trumps remarks om Access Hollywood set off Donald Trump’s…

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How Do GOP Tax Proposals Hurt Your Bottom Line, Mr. President?

The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passed separate, non-identical bills calling for massive tax cuts for both corporations and people (yes – corporations are not people). The jubilation over success in this endeavor, while not yet a completed and signed law, almost overcame the negative vibes last week provided by the Michael Flynn indictment/ guilty plea to a charge of lying to federal agents concerning the current investigation to possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government regarding the latter’s alleged attack on our 2016 Presidential election to aid in the surprise victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

These bills could potentially be the biggest tax cuts in this country in decades. One major problem with them is that the vast majority of the gains would be felt by large multinational corporations and the very wealthy among us. Another is that all estimates show a resultant 1 to1.4 trillion dollar addition to the deficit and national debt. Unfortunately, our President and his Congressional enablers are spinning the cuts as the best thing since the invention of predatory crony capitalism. As has been the practice of tax cutting Republicans from days of Ronald Reagan, the supply side economists claim that revenue reductions resulting from the tax cuts will be made up by the boost the additional money gives the economy as corporations invest their windfall into improvements in their corporations. Money that had been held offshore and outside of the country to avoid taxation here will be brought back to further boost the economy here. Trickle down to workers in the form of wage increases would leave everyone better off.

None of these claims is new. What would be new would be if any of this pie-in-the-sky stuff ever actually happened as promised by the snake oil salespeople favoring their implementation. Didn’t happen under Reagan, who cut taxes at the top while radically increasing military spending. While running against Reagan for the GOP Presidential nomination in 1980, his future Vice President and ultimate successor, George H.W.Bush, called the philosophy “Voodoo Economics” – implying it depended on smoke and mirrors and otherwise magical stuff in order to be adequately explained to us mere mortals. Math couldn’t do it then, nor has it succeeded now.

The GOP seem to forget totally about their normally vehement abhorrence of deficit spending when they have control of the executive and legislative branches and decide to embark on one of these schemes. They lower taxes, primarily benefitting those at or near the top of the economic ladder, while throwing scraps to workers and those in the middle or near the bottom to make it seem like everybody is benefitting through their economic wizardry. The actual result ends up being even more wealth concentrated in fewer hands, with opportunities for economic advancement even more restricted to the vast majority of us. Dissatisfaction with the failure of reality to achieve the high expectations raised by the purveyors of these policies eventually results in either taxes being raised again (as little as possible on corporations or the wealthy}, election of politicians with opposing views to replace and try to fix the problems resulting from the supply side economic policies, or both.

History has shown us in past renditions of this scenario that the ultimate goal is to rob the vast majority of us of what little wealth remains after the oligarchs use their control of the government to reverse any progressive gains that may have been made in the way of improved education, availability of good health care, reduction of poverty, etc. Bernie Sanders and others have predicted when this house of cards starts falling down, which it will, the first things that will be attempted, prior to raising taxes, will be to attack the social safety net as being too expensive. Hence, the attempts to dismantle the ACA rather than improve it as many of us would prefer. Next would come programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. They’ve already shown a willingness to let children do without needed health care by their bungling of CHIP funding (though I probably shouldn’t call it bungling since it was intentional).

Donald Trump appears to either have been totally blowing smoke or deliberately lying when he was promising to improve the economy for the working people of this country during the 2016 campaign. He still talks up a storm when describing how great this scheme will be for all of us – except, of course, Donald J. Trump and his fellow billionaires. There are probably a myriad of reasons why he has steadfastly refused to make public his own past tax records. They boil down to a general desire to keep us all in the dark with regard to how he makes, earns, steals or whatever it is he does to become and stay so rich. the secrecy also makes it difficult for anyone to do an accurate analysis of what he means when he says that the proposals made to this point would definitely NOT improve his financial bottom line.

Donald Trump’s financial ethics have strained public credulity since it became apparent he had no intention of following the precedents of prior wealthy holders of his current position regarding not using his position to benefit unduly financially from being President while in office. Sure, they all seem to make money after leaving, but he keeps getting taxpayer money thrown at his businesses – be it from the need for added security at many locations he and his family frequents and are owned by his companies, or by foreign entities wishing to curry favor by staying in a hotel he owns or that has his name attached to it. Divestment or use of a blind trust to allay the appearance of corruption on his part have been accepted practices by his predecessors, but are beneath his dignity.

When Trump claims he is being hurt by the proposed changes, there is one factor alone which makes his claims seem ludicrous in the extreme. Eliminating the inheritance tax, which only affects the wealthiest of the wealthy, would save his heirs an estimated amount of somewhere in the area of a billion dollars. Ensuring that a man who was born rich, inherited millions from his father and enjoyed the unearned benefits automatically bestowed on anyone possessing them is allowed to perpetuate that inequality of wealth and privilege by providing the same to his children and their children and so on ad infinitum is not something a society espousing egalitarian ideals and democracy should be aspiring to emulate. Trump acts like he is owed more from our society than the rest of us because of what he has, not what he has done.

Congress seems happy to go along with him in this current rendition of trickle down mania tax cuts. It suits their moneyed donors and helps make it easier for them to stay in office. The resultant policy will also help most of their bottom lines financially as well. Calling Congress a millionaires club may be an exaggeration, but not by much. The policy will not work as advertised. Never has, never will. The pattern will follow that of Reagan and the Bushes. How many of us can say the economy is appreciably better now than it was for their parents or grandparents? Sure, progress gets made, but there is always foot-dragging and attempts made to reverse that progress. Look at what Sam Brownback has managed to do in his tenure as Governor of Kansas with a rightwing GOP dominated legislature. I haven’t heard clarion calls for his nomination to be our next President – certainly not by the residents of his own state. Catering to the whims and wishes of the elites and big business may be a way to gain and maintain a modicum of political power, but it is no way to govern in a democracy.

I am not trying to put down all wealthy people because they are wealthy, but find many of their arguments that they somehow earned and deserve to maintain that degree of wealth in light of the degree of human suffering caused by such inequitable policies and economic systems insulting. This is particularly true when dealing with someone who has done nothing to go out of their way to improve the lives of anyone outside of their limited social circles or even immediate family. Our government needs to be by, of and for each and every one of us, not merely those who managed to accumulate enough wealth to buy whatever they want whether or not they harm others in the process. The people occupying elected offices in Washington and the various state capitals need to keep this in mind.

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New Study Shows How Taxing Rich Saves Lives, While Trump’s Tax Plan… Kills

We are at war. What do we do now?

Excellent post by Lucky Otters Haven regarding the implications that recent efforts by Congress and the Trump Administration entail for the vast majority of Americans. Passage of the Senate “Tax Reform” bill ( which addresses many issues in addition to the regressive giveaways to the ultra wealthy and large corporations) indicate that the wholesale stealing of our government by the moneyed interests is accelerating. Just as when we fought back against attacks to steal our gains in health care earlier this year, we need to do likewise as the year ends by making sure the conferees do not send anything remotely like either the House or Senate version of this monstrosity gets passed by both bodies and sent to the President for his signature. – RJC

Lucky Otters Haven


So.  The oligarchs got their wish last night, under cover of darkness.  In secrecy and total lack of transparency, they passed a tax bill that robs the poor and middle class to further enrich the 1% and the corporations.  An almost 500-page document with scribbled handwritten notes was presented to them hours before they had to vote.  This is a terrible way to govern.  It is the way things are done in third world dictatorships.

Not only is this bill, should it become law, going to gut the middle class and cause many of them to fall into poverty, it robs the most vulnerable members of society of healthcare (by repealing the ACA mandate), sneaks in a “fetal personhood” law, and gives huge tax breaks for things like private jets and vacation homes, but takes away the child tax credit for average families and the ability of teachers to deduct…

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FAILED: Foreign Policy As We Know It by David Swanson

via FAILED: Foreign Policy as We Know It by David Swanson

When we have a President who appears determined to precipitate or taunt a major conflict between the United States and North Korea and/or Iran which is likely to include usage of nuclear weapons and/or other weapons of mass destruction resulting in casualties potentially dwarfing those of World War Two, this country is in need of a much more active antiwar movement than we have seen in recent years. It is apparent that Congress intends to continue abrogating its Constitutional duties when it comes to declaring war and serving as a check and balance on the Executive in this regard barring a massive upsurge in public dismay and disgust over our country participating in such a war – let alone starting one (which I think no one considers beyond the realm of possibility when dealing with Donald Trump or his North Korean counterpart).  – RJC

No Moore, Roy

The people of the state of Alabama deserve better than for the likes of a homophobic pedophile like Roy Moore to represent them in the US Senate. That Moore is not fit to hold that position was eminently true even before the recent revelations and accusations regarding his alleged sexual harassment/assault were brought to light by multiple women/girls ( one of whom was only 14 years old at the time of the occurrence).

Many high-ranking GOP elected officials came to agree with this assessment after the publicity surrounding the alleged unacceptable behavior began with a thoroughly researched article published in that bastion of establishment print journalism – the Washington Post. But even before that, establishment Republicans were wary of supporting Moore in the GOP primary. Many endorsed Luther Strange, who had been appointed to sit in the open Senate seat until the special election to replace Jeff Sessions after his confirmation as President Trump’s Attorney General could be scheduled. Even President Trump himself (hardly a bastion of establishment Republican politics) endorsed Strange over Moore in the primary.

Moore’s political leanings prior to these more recent allegations of sexual impropriety had gotten him in trouble in the past on at least two occasions – once for refusing to take down a Ten Commandments display at a government courthouse (ever hear of separation of church and state?) and again when he refused to comply with the US Supreme Court decision legalizing same sex marriage nationwide. Since he was elected and was serving in the position of Chief Justice of the Alabama State Supreme Court at the time, he was removed from the post prior to deciding to run for the senate seat. After winning the primary election, support for Moore in the general election from all segments of the GOP was forthcoming – until the sexual allegations came to light.

An ostensibly staunch evangelical conservative politician in the heart of the Bible Belt could apparently survive losing his elected judicial position for sticking to his moral values – at least enough so that he could win a hotly contended primary race to fill an important US Senate seat, but the added allegations of sexual improprieties were too much for many mainstream GOP officials to swallow. Calls for Moore to drop out of the race and withdrawal of financial support from national GOP organizations which would normally provide campaign contributions have been met with refusal by the candidate to buckle under to the pressure and his continual refusal to admit to any wrongdoing whatsoever.

This brings us to the position being staked out by the alleged leader of the National GOP – President Donald J.Trump. Since the commotion stirred up by the release of the Access Hollywood tape made public shortly before last year’s Presidential contest, many consider Trump to be perhaps one of the least qualified politicians in the country to sit in judgment of Moore’s moral character.  On that tape, Trump was was heard to utter opinions on how women should be treated that resulted in massive protests upon his eventual victory in the Presidential contest and inauguration. Trump acted much as Moore has – stonewalling against calls for him to abandon the race and denying any wrongdoing. He was still successful in winning the Presidency, despite the nature of his comments, his admissions and the coming forth of even more accusers than have come forward regarding Moore.

Trump’s wiggle-waggle, fence-sitting nonsensical statement excusing his refusal to condemn Moore’s candidacy based on the fact that Moore is denying the charges (which can’t be prosecuted in any case due to statute of limitations and he-said she-said nature of the claims) and Trump thinks Moore in the Senate makes passage of his misguided tax cut bill easier to accomplish. This is nothing other than an ass backwards endorsement of Moore in the upcoming general election. Trump has publicly endorsed the homophobic, forced-birth and misogynistic evangelical strains of Moore’s politics to gain the votes of much of his base. To disavow Moore on the basis of these other accusations would be hypocritical in the extreme.

Many powerful men in the entertainment, news media and other industries have likewise faced damaging accusations in recent days. Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly and myriad others have had their reputations, careers and bank accounts devastated by a long-overdue exposure of the corrupt exercise of the power they have been allowed to wield against women. This is another example of unacceptable treatment of women by men that has finally. This culture is not limited to members of any one political party or type of business endeavor. It is widespread and needs to stop. It should be excused for no one.

For Alabama to elect Roy Moore to replace Jeff Sessions would be a big mistake. That President Trump is ready willing and able to help him get elected in order to pass a monstrous tax cut to further exacerbate economic inequality and decimate the social safety net in the process would be for one person unfit to serve in the office to which he was “elected” to enable a similarly unfit to take a seat in the Senate. This sort of mistake risks too much for the rest of us and the country as a whole. Granted, the next election would be difficult for the Democrats to retain that seat, but keeping Moore out of it entirely would be best. GOP arguments that he would be expelled for the Senate are not very credible at this point. He doesn’t need a national stage to further his agenda of intolerance and hate. We cannot afford him sitting in the US Senate.

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Why don’t they call white male mass shooters “terrorists”?

The author of this essay is absolutely correct. The sophistry that allows people like our current President to only call an act “terrorism” if it is not perpetrated by a white male US citizen is nothing but hogwash. Mass shootings of strangers are acts of terrorism, plain and simple. Excusing them by labeling them as resulting from mental illness or something else neither negates the fact that they do result in fear on our part nor make preventing like acts to occur in the future any less egregious or urgent. The recent attacks in Las Vegas and Texas are no less terrorist attacks than the New York attack on bikers with a truck. Bombings conducted by radical so-called “pro-life” extremists are not different in degree or kind from the Boston Marathon bombing. The distinction is one that merely feeds off and encourages further bigotry and does nothing to solve the underlying problems creating the phenomenon to begin with. – RJC

The Chatty Introvert

(Photo Credit:

I am so sick of this crap.

I’m sick of these killings.

I’m sick of these “woe is me” stories of a guy who can’t hack it and says “screw the world, I’m taking you all down with me.”

I’m tired of white men (NOT BOYS, DAMMIT!) who haven’t figured out that sitting on your ass and being a white male isn’t going to get you very far anymore, be it job related or dating related.

And I’m really sick of the media and government not calling it like it is. I’m tired of them not calling these white male shooters “terrorists.”

I think its a simple formula: if your object is to maim or kill complete strangers that mean nothing to you and have never personally wronged you, because of some supposed belief you hold (whether nurtured, cultural, religious, etc.) and you find a way to…

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The History and Context of the Second Amendment

Reblog of an excellent blog post by A Point of Contention which gives historical perspective to the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America – long a topic for often extremely contentious debate. Useful in evaluating proposals for gun control or lack thereof. H/T to Robert A. Vella. – RJC

A Point of Contention

Of Guns, Armies, and Slaves

Today I want to talk about the second amendment. Not gun control in general mind you, but specifically the Second Amendment, it’s history and it’s context. The Second Amendment is frequently invoked in Gun Control debates and I feel that it’s almost a hollow mantra, a slogan, something people say reflexively but lacking the kind of well rounded historically grounded understanding that something like that, I believe, merits. 

So the main question I am setting out to answer today, really the only question, is “Why is the Second Amendment in the Constitution?” We have a good understanding of causes and grievances that drove most of the rest of the items in the Bill of Rights to be placed there. The Old World had been full of State Religions and heavy censorship of the press, so the First Amendment addressed those concerns. England had made…

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Playing Politics With Human Lives

Recent events and the reactions to them by our seemingly inept and totally unrepresentative Congress, as well as our President who seemingly lacks any semblance of human compassion or empathy for the conditions under which ordinary people in this country and world at large face in their everyday lives are conspiring to give us a situation in Washington, DC with which most of us have become extremely weary of – interminable gridlock. However, if that is the only thing keeping us from living the lives of even worse quiet desperation which would result from the enactment of the long-heralded GOP and/or Trump agenda, we may be better off having this state of flux endure awhile longer.

The mass shootings in Las Vegas and Texas – textbook events which in other, more sane societies would have resulted in concrete action to lessen the opportunity for future such occurrences to take place – have resulted in absolutely nothing but more excuses by the well-compensated politicians fully owned by NRA and gun lobby saying that easy access by almost anyone not already convicted of felonies to military style weaponry is not responsible for the mayhem. Since these acts were committed by non-Muslim white US citizens and cannot be blamed on extremist Islamic terrorists, the fault is placed on our faulty mental health care system. Since the act in New York involving the use of a motor vehicle as a lethal weapon to mow down innocent people was perpetrated by an immigrant from a predominantly Muslim country, terrorism is cited by President Trump as the cause of the incident and vindication for his racist and bigoted attempts to ban such individuals from coming here in the future, as well as his call for more of them to be deported.

The arguments casting blame for the mass shooting incidents on the perpetrators’ mental state are specious at best and downright BS at worst. They are basically telling the American people that there is nothing that can be done to protect innocent people from some mentally ill person going berserk on innocent strangers (with a legally obtained  arsenal that many frontline troops would envy) short of denying people their 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Using the faulty mental health care situation as the main cause of the all-too-frequent and ever-increasing severity of such attacks is also misleading, as those elected officials in the forefront of such arguments are also those either personally partially responsible for the deterioration of our mental health care system or are standing in the way of any meaningful attempt to improve it.

The GOP-dominated Congress, with its recent almost singular focus on eliminating any and all benefits achieved for the millions of people whose access to health coverage improved under the Affordable Care Act and its more recent attempts to give huge tax cuts to the wealthiest among us as well as the big businesses who have long practiced tax avoidance of the sort that most of us can only imagine, can be seen to once again be hell-bent on exacerbating every form of economic and social inequality they claim to abhor – at least when trying to convince us to vote for them.

Hopefully this ill-advised attempt to make the tax system even more tilted towards the oligarchs and their corporations than it already is will meet the same fate as the multiple attempts at repeal of the ACA. The attempts at tax “reform” are nothing but a ruse for wholesale payoffs to the rich and their corporations at the ultimate expense of everybody else. The supply side talking points that the tax cuts will pay for themselves through an improved economy have never come true in the decades they have been faithfully spouted by the proponents of this raw deal. The pretense of not caring about increases in the deficit that will immediately take place is as false as the claim that the GOP don’t care about the debt when it is caused by profligate “defense” spending during times of war (meaning all the time). The idea is to give away the treasure then gradually bleed dry the programs that have been helping to sustain the opulent lifestyles of the rich and famous. Pretending the wealthy in some way deserve their privilege whereas the rest od us do not deserve similar blessings is also part and parcel of their talking points.

The powers that be on Capitol Hill and the White House these days are demonstrating on a regular basis their utter lack of desire to help improve the lives of the vast majority of even the people whose interests they were ostensibly elected to represent – let alone humankind as a whole. The millions of people who would lose health care (including those children in imminent danger due to lapse in CHIP), those endangered by the increasing threat posed by mentally unstable folks with guns, those missing out on educational opportunities for the sake of someone else’s profit-making venture mean nothing when their interests conflict with demands made on the politicians by their financial benefactors.

Thus, the NRA and other members of the gun lobby keep the threat of another Sandy Hook or Las Vegas alive, the insurance, pharmaceutical and various health care industries keep sapping more resources than necessary, the fossil fuel industry keeps on making us breathe in way too much smoke and destroying the planet for future generations, Wall Street ripping off poor people legally in ways that loan sharks never could in the past. All this while the merchants of death keep us armed to the teeth and fighting wars protecting the interests of the oligarchs from other people whose interests more closely coincide with our own than those we protect. The gators used to roam the swamp, but increasingly, they now roam the corridors of political power with ever less pretense that they are pulling the strings for their own, rather than our collective benefit.

The people and circumstances that have led to our current political, economic, social and environmental situation are not sustainable in anything remotely approaching the long-term. Having one of the few people in Alabama less fit than Jeff Sessions his probable successor as a US Senator from Alabama is a case in point, but the man currently occupying the seat of power at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue sets the main tone. That the only people of his own party willing to call him out on his farcical agenda are those who have decided to abandon his swamp while they continue to support the vast majority of his agenda does us little good. The recent elections may provide a glimmer of hope, but those coming next year and in 2020 will be even more telling as to if and how we may be able to take back a government by, for and of the people. Division reigns now. Unity as envisioned by the Trumps, Bannons and others of those trying to make compliant paupers by using intolerance and fake news to keep us at each others’ throats to keep us from realizing who our true enemies are would make us members of a society that differs only cosmetically from the totalitarian world of the North Korean bogeyman he throws at us as a menace.

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How Democrats could’ve preempted Trump’s sabotage of Obamacare

Excellent analysis of the effects of not including the Public Option when passing the Affordable Care Act. At this point, it appears more important than ever to push for single-payer, universal coverage health care, as opposed to what the GOP and our illustrious President appear determined to thrust upon us through legislation and/or executive order. – RJC

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

In 2009, Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman – an independent who caucused with the Democrats – threatened to filibuster President Obama’s Affordable Care Act bill if it included a public insurance option as passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.  Since the procedural vote count to override a filibuster in the U.S. Senate appeared very close, Democratic leaders decided to remove that provision to appease the renegade politician.

The legislation was finally approved by a vote of 60-39 with one senator abstaining.  After Republicans won a stunning and overwhelming victory in the 2010 midterm elections, they have continually attempted to undermine and repeal Obamacare using every available tactic.  Now, with President Trump’s executive order, the serious ramifications of the Democrats’ failure to pass a public option back then are plainly obvious.

Had Obama and Democratic leaders vigorously pushed for a public option, which they certainly didn’t, it…

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