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Opinion: – Read the full transcript of Trump’s audio call with Georgia’s secretary of state

In what scenario is a phone call like this acceptable in a democratic society? If this blatant attempt to solicit felony election fraud to overturn a legitimate election does not warrant Trump’s immediate removal from office (not to mention criminal prosecution) what would – shooting someone on Fifth Evenue in New York City in broad daylight with cameras and hundreds of smart phones recording it for posterity?

As January 20th approaches, Trump seems to become increasingly volatile and potentially deadly (literally). He is showing no inclination to back down and accept that he lost last November 3. The various House and Senate GOP members who continue to back his fiery rhetoric and outlandish lies share in his criminality in my opinion. This would be dictator/mob godfather needs to not only leave office but face criminal prosecution under any and all laws he has broken while pretending that he is not subject to.

Any Senator continuing to play out this coup as a charade attempt to make believe he deserves another four years at the helm deserved the same fate Joe McCarthy experienced in the 1950’s. Same goes for the many House Republicans who are in effect claiming their belief that several states conducted fraudulent elections. Unless you believe only Democrats and fake Republicans can get elected, should the election of Republicans in the states he’s targeting not be thrown out as well.

Tomorrow and Wednesday should be interesting (even dangerous). How long must we tolerate this lunatic inciting violence at every opportunity? I say not one more day. GOP elected members of Congress need to step up and live up to their oaths of office or resign because they feel they cannot do so. – rjc

Source: Opinion: – Read the full transcript of Trump’s audio call with Georgia’s secretary of state

What Uncooperative Non-Transition Means

Donald J. Trump is perhaps one of the most, if not THE most delusional person ever to hold the office of President of the United States of America. Not only does he maintain that he could not have lost to President-Elect Joe Biden in a non-rigged election (he did the same in 2016, when he prevailed in the Electoral College despite losing the popular vote by over three million votes), he continues to act as though he needs to cooperate in any sort of transition to aid the incoming President in a transition that maintains national security and meet the ongoing needs of the American people in this time of a catastrophic health crisis.

After amassing a record number of failures in lawsuits seeking to overthrow as fraudulent victories by his opponent in key swing states that he won by miniscule margins in 2016 – due to absolutely ludicrous claims based on no solid evidence whatsoever, to this day he refuses to concede defeat. He appears to not care in the least how his actions are having a negative impact on millions of Americans becoming impoverished due to his policies and his woefully disastrously inadequate response to the Covid-19 pandemic. His cult-like supporters, many of whom are openly racist supporters of authoritarian policies and protest openly while armed to the teeth and threatening violence to those seeking relief from Trump’s policies along with movement forward from the dangers he has exacerbated through his claims that only he can fix the problems we face in these perilous times.

Elected leaders of what used to be called the Republican Party have staunchly refused to call him on his authoritarian and dictatorial tendencies or take actions meant to temper his outrageous rants against any possessing the temerity to end what threatens to become what can only be described as a modern-day reign of terror. Gradually, what started out as a trickle of dissent from Mitt Romney and a few other GOP senators, US Representatives and a smattering of state and local officials has gained a little more support as the court cases, electoral college vote and state recounts have shown that, as has been the case on many occasions since his inauguration on January 20, 2017, Emperor Donald has no clothes and he has no plans to defer to anyone else when it comes to stepping down.

The chaos that is accelerating as Trump fires or demands resignations from various key Administration officials who either attempt to do their jobs despite his demands that they bend to his whims regardless of their legality and/or Constitutionality is not only a threat to our national security but our health, economic well-being, civil rights, individual freedoms and democratic values as a whole. In many ways, Trump is using his steadfast refusal to face reality as yet another excuse to fleece his supporters to line his own pockets and wage millions of dollars to wage another four-year battle to try to buy himself another four year term in 2024.

As long as people continue to support politicians who act directly to allow him to do practically anything he wants without consequences rather than challenging him in the interests of the people they are supposed to be representing, his destruction of our society and political system and the impoverishment and deaths of untold numbers of our fellow human beings will continue unabated. We deserve better from our government. Not only Trump needs to go – those who have been and continue to permit his rule by temper tantrum need to join him in leaving government service at the earliest opportunity.

Trump has been responsible for more death, undeserved inhumane treatment, destruction of the environment and just about every form of inequality imaginable to ever be outweighed by any good he may claim to be responsible for. He claims credit for anything he finds to be a positive outcome of his policies while refusing to admit responsibility for any harm they may have caused. Everyday he continues in office is a day in which he poses a threat to further, lasting, damage to the American people. He’s been bailed out of impeachment and spared any personal consequences for some of the most hateful conduct of any President in the history of this country. His claims to be a “law and order” champion are fraudulent in the extreme when he claims personal immunity to prosecution and no responsibility to obey any law himself  while sewing chaos and inciting his supporters to violence.

The Supreme Court has said no to him recently. Even Mitch McConnell has conceded that Biden has won the election since the Electoral College voted thus. Refusing to ensure a peaceful transition to an Administration led by Joe Biden is wrong and dangerous for this country in both the short and long term. Sanity must be restored to the body politic. The time has come for the American people to heard, rather than continue to be silenced by the roar of a maniacal tyrant intent on getting his own way at any cost. I long for a day when I can watch a newscast without mention of Donald Trump, his policies or his insults and threats for even some of his most ardent supporters.

I saw a television commercial recently where Patrick Stewart of Star Trek fame asked Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame if he wanted cheese with that whine. That seems to be an appropriate question to pose Donald Trump. January 20, 2021 seems to be approaching very, very slowly. We need to get down to the business of repairing the damage our sitting but totally unfit President has done in the past four years and making up for the huge mistake made in our 2016 election.  

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Will Last Century’s Crimes Against Humanity Be This Century’s Too? Robert Jackson’s Closing Arguments at Nuremberg

Padre Steven Dundas posted these views in his blog earlier today. The parallels between Hitler’s Nazi Germany and what appears to be Trump’s vision of the future of the United States of America under his authoritarian rule despite the results of our November 3rd election are quite chilling.

I do not know if Steve’s predictions will ultimately occur. I strongly hope they will not, for the sake of our government and the wellbeing humankind as a whole. Time will tell. I am convinced that our recent election will fail to eliminate the danger of Trump’s governing modus operandi or lead to a humanitarian, sympathetic and empathic dealing with each other. His consistent shrugging off of any and all criticism of his policies and proclamations and doubling down on the most abhorrent ramifications of his psyche cause me to doubt his ability to bring about positive change for the lives of the vast majority of people living here and everywhere else on the planet (and beyond, if we start spreading ourselves off-planet).

So far, Trump has done little to assuage the trepidation that many expressed in defeating him in the last election. Indeed, he appears hellbent on fueling increasing violence perpetrated by his supporters upon his opponents. This we must fight against with every fiber of our being. Once he has been moved out of the White House, I would strongly recommend he not be permitted to return. He and his cult-like supporters must never be permitted to run roughshod over the rights and liberties of even the most vulnerable among us as has been the case since his inauguration on January 20, 2017.

All this means that there are still many, many Trump sycophants and enablers occupying positions of power in all facets of our government, federal, state and local. We must fight them (metaphorically speaking, and sometimes perhaps even literally) in their attempts to reform our society to match his toxic vision of what Making America Great Again really looks like. Rather than letting him and his puppets line their pockets, we must be vigilant in preventing them from picking our pockets to undeservedly benefit themselves at our expense, which exactly what they have been doing for the past four years. -rjc

The Inglorius Padre Steve's World

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I spent much of the past week, until I had my emotional and physical meltdown discussing the importance of the Nuremberg Trials to today’s world. To do so I went through the five parts of Supreme Court Justice and Chief American Prosecutor, Robert Jackson’s opening address to the Tribunal. Tonight I will begin to work through his closing arguments, which like his opening are considered to be among the most powerful and definitive legal addresses in history.

We cannot forget or we will be doomed to repeat them, for the Holocaust was not an anomaly, it is the ever present part of the dark part of humanity.

Historian Gerhard Weinberg wrote:

“It’s very, very important for people to get a sense of what the potentialities of people really are, what the dangers of ignorance can be. It is in this context, that a supposedly advanced…

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A New Strategy For The American Left, by Yanis Iqbal – Dandelion Salad

We must not allow ourselves to think that replacing Trump is a long-term solution to the many problems exacerbated by the Trump Presidency. We are, after all, still saddled with McConnell, Graham and a multitude of other anti-democratic political miscreants in both major parties.

The fraudulent claims by Trump and his morally decrepit elected GOP Congresscritters that any Biden/Harris Administration would leave us at the mercy of a socialist dictatorship could not be further from the truth. It’s time to end Trump’s foot-dragging and begin a true transition as demanded by the Constitution in accordance with the results of the November 3rd election. Too many Americans have fallen victim to his failed response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many more will also die before inauguration if Trump is allowed to continue with his utter refusal to do anything to remedy the situation. – rjc

Source: A New Strategy For The American Left, by Yanis Iqbal – Dandelion Salad

The Lights are Going Out: The Orwellian Future if Trump Wins | The Inglorius Padre Steve’s World

Padre Steve’s vision is stark indeed. We must not let this happen. If you are voting by mail but have not yet mailed your ballot, deliver it in person instead of mailing it to ensure it arrives before the polls close on Tuesday. If voting in person, don’t allow long lines and lengthy waits to deter you – vote. The future of our society depends on the outcome of this election more than ever. – rjc

Source: The Lights are Going Out: The Orwellian Future if Trump Wins | The Inglorius Padre Steve’s World

Article: Trump’s Durable Base and Rolling Coup | OpEdNews

A litany of policy decisions/actions taken by the Trump Administration which have barely scratched the surface in recent debates of the two major party candidates written by Paul Street for Counterpunch and also distributed by OpEdNews. These certainly provide plentiful reasons for voting Donald Trump out of office on November 3rd.

Like over thirty million others, my ballot was completed and taken to my local Post Office for delivery to my county elections office a few days before the final debate. I urge everyone who can vote early in their states, either in-person or by mail to do so as soon as possible. This election will, in all likelihood, be the most litigated election in US history. Donald Trump has strongly indicated that he will not accept any outcome other than one that sees him remaining in office.

The 2016 election that placed in office the least fit candidate to perform the duties of the Presidency must not be duplicated in 2020. Every vote counts. Trump’s policies and actions aimed at utterly destroying our democracy have left him far short of receiving majority support of the American People. They obviously do little or nothing to improve the lives of any but the top 1% of Americans whose bank accounts have flourished while the rest of us face greater obstacles to our achieving our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness than has been the case for decades. Vote to remove Trump and the anti-democratic Senate GOP leadership from office. – rjc

Source: Article: Trump’s Durable Base and Rolling Coup | OpEdNews

PolitiFact | 7 ways to avoid misinformation during the coronavirus pandemic

A guide for weeding the truth in planning and voting for or against any candidate in this era where facts and the truth are often given a back seat by unscrupulous candidates and their campaigns when producing advertising, delivering stump speeches, participating in “debates”, etc.

Tonight’s dueling town halls being broadcast on competing mainstream media networks is an anti-debate – insofar as it is even more difficult to glean useful information from both major party candidates when they are talking at the same time about different issues. This is even worse than the farce first Presidential debate, where Trump spent the entire time talking over both the moderator and Biden.

My personal preference is to watch the Biden Town Hall for two main reasons:

  1. It was scheduled first, due to the fact that Trump had tested positive for the virus and was refusing to participate in a debate where the health hazards of a face-to-face confrontation would be minimized and greater ability to reign in Trump’s rants, interruptions and refusal to answer any direct questions could be brought to bear.
  2. Experience shows that basically everything Trump says in relation to the campaign issues is tainted by his refusal to even pretend to tell the truth about either his own or his opponent’s policy positions. Listening to him is virtually a waste of time at this point. NBC scheduling a free Trump infomercial to compete with a serious Biden town hall was a big mistake. Watch Biden so NBC’s rating’s are pitiful by comparison. TV ratings are perhaps the one thing Trump cares about here. Show him his decision not to debate did not help his cause, but actually hurt him. – rjc

PolitiFact is a fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others on its Truth-O-Meter.

Source: PolitiFact | 7 ways to avoid misinformation during the coronavirus pandemic

Donald Trump’s Lax Taxes

Donald Trump’s tax information has been leaking at a glacial pace for years now. One thing is clear, however – his tax attorneys and accountants make Jackson-Hewitt and H & R Block look like rank amateurs. The man sounds like the most brilliant businessman in the history of mankind when boasting about the vast fortune he has amassed through his corporate schemes over the years building upon a paltry inheritance he received from his father. At the same time, he is telling the IRS and other tax collecting agencies at state and local levels that his holdings have left him virtually penniless and unable to pay even as much in federal income taxes as an average middleclass wage earner, let alone the real estate mogul who made hundreds of millions of dollars from a TV reality show.

Whereas Presidential candidates for decades have been releasing their tax documents to intense public scrutiny as a signal that they are being upfront and honest in their dealings and not subject to potential blackmail or extortion by creditors leading to possible abuse of the powers granted them in their lofty office, Trump issued a flimsy excuse of “my taxes are being audited and I can’t release the documents until the audit is complete.” This excuse was exposed almost immediately for what it was – one of the many lies that comprise the house of cards that Donald Trump has fabricated in order to remain a step or two ahead of both his creditors and legal authorities hoping against hope  to uncover the truth behind his business empire.

There is no such prohibition against releasing tax documents while an audit is in process. Trump took advantage of the fact that there is no law requiring Presidential candidates to divulge that information either. This systemic shortcoming will hopefully be rectified in the not-too-distant future similarly to the manner in which term limits were instituted for the office after FDR successfully ran and won four successive terms in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Trump has notoriously undervalued his assets and overvalued then to suit his needs, whether to avoid taxes or get loans from bankers to expand his commercial empire.

Our current President has conned his way all the way into the White House and is pulling no punches in his effort to remain there for at least another four years. He has flouted the Constitution to the extent that earned him the honor of being only the 3rd person in American history to be impeached. He remains there still because he was saved from removal through that process by a GOP majority in the US Senate that held a sorry excuse of a trial on the Articles of Impeachment in which no witnesses were heard and the charges summarily dismissed. In the wake of that, he has not skipped a beat in merrily going about his business with little regard for the concept of being under any obligation to subject himself to any legal constraints whatsoever.

In the meantime, historically speaking, a case can be made that Donald Trump’s business dealings and tax avoidance have often been questionable legally and perhaps would be grounds for authorities to file legal criminal charges against against him and his accomplices. That may yet happen after he leaves office. Several of his businesses have undergone bankruptcy. Others have been closed down due to fraud. He goes to great lengths to sign people to non-disclosure agreements and/or waivers to absolve him from legal culpability or keep his misbehavior a secret. He bought silence from at least two women prior to the 2016 election to keep his morally questionable behavior from damaging his prospects. It worked. He now lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.

The grand total of $750 he paid in federal income taxes in the years of 2016 and 2017 apparently entitled him to the top-notch medical treatment he received to deal with the Covid-19 infection he went out of his way to contract recently. The sort of treatment denied nearly all of his fellow American citizens. He has been going out of his way to use his influence to positively impact the financial balance sheets of as many of his properties and businesses as he can get away with regardless of the conflicts of interest such behavior exposes.

Donald Trump is undoubtedly the most corrupt President this country has ever had. Even Nixon knew when he was crossing lines unbecoming the holder of the office. It took awhile, but he eventually resigned when he realized he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Enough is enough. Trump’s mishandling the pandemic, his attempts at rigging the November election to retain the powers he has been abusing ever since he falsely swore his oath of office back in January of 2017 and his constant divisive rants against what most of us value as human beings needs to end and be replaced by an administration that works with and for all of us, rather than for the benefit of an overaged schoolyard bully seeking nothing more that the aggrandizement of himself, his own family and his oligarchic peers.

Three weeks from today is the official day of our national election. Millions of Americans have already voted, either in person or by mail. Millions more will do so between now and then. American voters will hopefully make their voices heard in record numbers before the polls close on November 3rd – resoundingly renouncing the antics of Donald Trump and those member of Congress who have gone out of their way to encourage his outrageous behavior. Make his reign a bad memory of a time never to be repeated. For the misery and needless deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans and the inhumane treatment of untold others punished by his inhumane policies, say for once and for all, “Donald Trump – You’re Fired!”

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Make Them Pay

The closer we get to election day, the more determined President Trump appears willing to go to new depths of political chicanery to retain the office the powers of which he abuses  on a daily basis. The death of Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has given him an excuse to politicize in a way to bolster his fading chances of winning the election outright in order to bull his way to a rigged court ordered victory after claiming his loss has come about due to voter fraud on the part of Democrats via a massive surge of voters choosing to cast their ballots via mail.

The hypocrisy of a man casting aspersions on the reasons why people would follow his own loudly proclaimed voting method is right in line with his constantly proclamation that he is above the law of the land and entitled to act as he pleases. The hypocrisy of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowing to hold a vote on another Supreme Court nominee within a month of an election determining which candidate will win that election to serve as President and which party will have a majority in the Senate going forward is likewise not a big surprise. #MoscowMitch  faces possible loss of his own seat and enough of his GOP Senate colleagues to lose his majority leadership status as to give him plenty of motive to aid and abet Trump’s treason.

Lindsey Graham, alleged Senator representing the voters of the great state of South Carolina and current Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee charged with vetting such nominees, is also on record as saying such a Supreme Court nomination should await the outcome of the election, is taking a stand directly opposed to the very words that came out of his mouth in plain English just a few short years ago. He is running to keep his seat in the Senate as well. Make him pay in November as well.

Trump has not revealed any proof that such voter fraud using the United States Postal Service and easily recounted paper ballots. He knows he cannot win an election which has a historically high turnout. Every poll conducted so far consistently shows this. Voting by mail is less risky to the health of voters and poll workers alike in this age of Covid-19 which has been mismanaged to the tune of over 200,000 dead American men, women and children. It also eliminates the need for many voters to wait for hours to vote at an incredibly fewer vote-in-person poll locations. Dropping large numbers of polling stations is one of many examples of GOP legislatures practicing blatant voter suppression – often aimed at minority voters more likely to vote for Biden than Trump (as well as Democrat Senate and House seats).

Amy Coney Barrett, the judge Trump has nominated to replace Ginsburg on the Court, could not be further from her in terms of political and judicial ideology. She would likely vote to further Trump’s anti-human agenda than even his other two Supreme Court appointments. He would not have chosen her otherwise. Her confirmation before the election would obviously be a boon to Trump’s win-at-any-cost campaign strategy, as the chances of legal proceedings to dictate the legitimacy of large numbers of ballots reaching the High Court are very great. She would also likely tip the Court’s stance on reproductive rights and the health care provided to millions of Americans by the Affordable Care Act would also be jeopardized.

There is no way that a Trump/McConnell tainted Supreme Court would follow the interests and desires of the vast majority of the American people, millions of whom would be left without affordable health care due to loss of health care lost when they lost their jobs. The virus would further exacerbate inequality by allowing private health insurance companies to discriminate against people with such pre-existing conditions such as having been infected by Covid-19 or born a female. The logic McConnell used in denying President Obama’s choice of Merrick Garland to even receive a hearing let alone a confirmation vote to fill the vacancy created by the death of Justice Scalia much earlier in 2016 should apply here as well – if the GOP were not more determined to alter the course of SCOTUS for decades to come than meeting the needs of the American people (whom they do an absolutely horrific job of representing).

Tomorrow’s debate between Trump and Biden will likely touch on these issues. It will also likely be largely overshadowed by discussion of recent allegations concerning Trump’s taxes. That, my friends, I will address in more detail soon. In the meantime, please plan and carry out a strategy to cast your vote (as early as you legally may do so) and encourage family, friends and associates to do so as well. Make Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and others of their ilk pay dearly for trying to strong arm us and consolidate their political power to the detriment of our democracy and the fate of the rest of the world as well.

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Warning US Democracy Under Threat ‘Like Never Before,’ Sanders Outlines Plan to Stop Trump’s Authoritarian Takeover | Common Dreams News

November 3, 2020 will doubtless be a turning point for American democracy. Trump does not intend to do anything for the American people. He intends to be ensconced in the White House with absolute power as America’s President until the day he dies.

We must ensure that Donald Trump does not get what his over-inflated ego demands. He was supported by a minority of Americans in 2016. His actions since inauguration have left him with an underwater approval rating for his entire term. He can only stay in power as he has since his impeachment – with a majority GOP Senate that refuses to make him abide by the Constitution he swore to protect and defend with his oath of office. The coup he seems determined to execute in order to maintain power must not be permitted to emerge victorious. This is 2020 America, not 1933 Germany.

Vote like your way of life (indeed, your very life itself) depends on this election, because it does. – rjc

Source: Warning US Democracy Under Threat ‘Like Never Before,’ Sanders Outlines Plan to Stop Trump’s Authoritarian Takeover | Common Dreams News

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