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July 12, 2013

            By Bill Byrnes


      Do you remember in the 60’s we used to joke about looking in our backyards late at night to check for “Commie” Paratroopers? Well don’t look now, because old jokes, just like old fashions, have a way of coming back into style. But, in this case it’s not a joke anymore. I think the GOP has shown enough of its “hand” that I can see their cards. Bottom-line is — we better watch our backs because the GOP ( not the Commies) will be parachuting into our backyards.
      Consider this political fact -  All Politics is local! Now, think about all the Gop maneuvers lately. Don’t they all boil down to a huge initiative–performed at the local level. All the “Voters ID bills, the anti-abortion, anti- women’s health, “concealed carry”  laws–all the those obnoxious legislative moves designed to force the right-wing agenda down our throats –have been coming at us from all sides and so quickly that we don’t have a chance to counter them.
      This leads to  the conclusion  that the Right-wing might not even care about  national elections any more. Why bother when you can accomplish your agenda on the local level? With gerrymandered districts they can keep up their obstructionist tactics on the national level–while continuing to utter all those “stupid” remarks–that leave us Liberal-Progressives saying, “Well if they keep saying those things–they’ll never win another national election.” Maybe we should realize that they DON’T  CARE if they ever win another national election!! While we’re busy shaking our heads and joking about their “politically suicidal”  comments, they’re sneaking around our back-sides and giving us a swift kick in the butt! They’re getting done what they want to get done, regardless of  what any one thinks about them–and that’s why they don’t care about national poll results or anything that accurately reflects what Americans want. We’ve got to wake up and realize that the most dire threat to Democracy might not be found in some other country–it could well be found HERE, in our own backyards.
       And, tonight, before all  of us start tucking ourselves in — maybe we had better have one last laugh at an old joke about paranoia–then look in our backyards!

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  1. Cora Goldbetter permalink

    It concerns me that we use the words and focus so much on “middle class” . I think we should know by now there are only two classes . Those who are poor and working are usually one paycheck away from crisis . The second class is indecently wealthy . Poverty and joblessness are too big to ignore. We are poor until there is no more poverty


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