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This Is Democracy?

July 28, 2013

Over the past few years, there have been some disturbing trends in the functioning of our government. The Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case opened up campaign financing to unlimited large sums of “dark money” via anonymous contributors to political action committees that are supposedly not aligned with any individual candidate’s campaign. Corporations are deemed to have the rights of people and money deemed speech protected by the First Amendment. Rather than “one person, one vote” politics have become more a case of “one dollar, one vote”, as corporations and the wealthy are now much more able to make their voices heard during the campaign season. All previous attempts at reigning in campaign spending have been rendered meaningless and now often the amount of money a person can spend or raise becomes more significant than the ideas and policy positions individual candidates seek to bring forth.

More and more activity is taking place at the state, local and federal levels to disenfranchise voters. There seems to be a definite trend to reduce, rather than increase, the number of people with an effective voice in the politics which shape all of our lives as Americans. The Supreme Court chimed in once again earlier this year by striking down an important section in the Voting Rights Act that has led to increasing attempts by legislatures in many states to further restrict eligible voters by requiring voter ID’s, for instance. Much of the resistance to immigration reform is aimed at preventing millions of people living and working in this country from ever gaining citizenship because that would enable them to vote and have a voice in the selection of those writing the laws under which they live. Exploiting the labor of these people, many of whom are paid substandard wages because they cannot complain of mistreatment for fear of deportation, runs contrary to our sense of fairness. Denying them full political participation in the government to which they pay taxes and under which they have lived for years or even decades, is immoral and undemocratic, in my view.

Political gamesmanship aimed only at retaining power for a small minority in this country seems to have become the main aim of many in government. The US House of Representatives does not represent the US citizenry by any stretch of the imagination. It doesn’t even represent the will of the electorate as expressed in the 2012 election. A recent poll showed a Congressional public approval rating of 12% – an all-time low. Only extreme legislative redistricting by Republicans elected in the 2010 elections enabled them to retain a majority in the House despite receiving far fewer votes nationwide in Congressional elections in 2012. With the increasing attempts to restrict voting by people opposed to their policies, they hope to continue their obstruction of any agenda, progressive or otherwise, until they can regain the Presidency, gain a majority in the Senate or both. Then they could pursue their anti-democratic (note the small d) agenda without the obstacles which losing the Presidency in 2008 presented. Similarly, The US Senate, despite having a Democratic majority, has been largely controlled by the GOP minority, which has delayed most Presidential nominations, some by years, and delayed the effective regulatory work of government agencies such as the NLRB and CFPB.

In the realm of secrecy, our government has become much more secretive since the terror attacks of 9/11. Spying, both abroad and at home, has increased dramatically since then. Much of this activity is kept secret from the vast majority of the population in the interests of “national security”. Anyone raising doubts about the necessity for such secrecy or any abuses of human or civil rights in the conduct of surveillance is at risk of prosecution as a result. The most prominent protagonists in this effort are Bradley Manning, suspected of being responsible for many of the leaks to Wikileaks, and Edward Snowden, responsible for recently making public the scope and depth of NSA spying, both domestically and abroad. The need for some secrecy in regard to such activities is not questioned by many, but the degree to which the surveillance has infringed upon our privacy and the extent of the information gathering has caused many to wonder if the oversight necessary to prevent abuse is sufficiently present. This is increasingly true even among the members of Congress tasked with providing the oversight and voting on legislation authorizing and funding it.

Secrecy is also importantly present in another aspect of our government that shows little regard for the interests of us as members of a democratic society – that of International Free Trade Agreements. .There have been several of these negotiated and signed by the governments involved and with Senate ratification. Negotiations of late include the TPP in the Pacific and TAFTA with Europe. These negotiations have been extremely secretive, with only a small group of Congress members having any access to them. Most of the negotiating is done by and on behalf of the multinational corporations and business interests involved most directly in the trade. Minimal representation is allowed labor, local or national regulatory or environmental groups.that will ultimately be affected by the outcome. The hope by the negotiating parties is to fast-track Senate ratification of the treaties by presenting them with a finished product. This would minimize debate and prevent the introduction of amendments watering down the treaty and swiftly obtaining the necessary two-thirds Senate majority required by the Constitution. In effect, the whole process is designed to force the agreement to be approved without much debate as to what the ultimate consequences the treaties will hold for the all of the people they represent.

Even Congress is increasingly getting into the act of secretive deliberations. It was recently revealed that Senators involved in proposing new reforms to the tax code could count on their suggestions being kept secret for 50 years, or until long after most are dead and gone. Talk about a total loss of accountability of elected officials to those they supposedly represent. What kinds of legislation would be produced if such anonymity became even more rampant. Isn’t it bad enough that a single senator can now hold up important business anonymously? These people need to be accountable to us.

This lack of transparency at so many levels of our government, along with the increasing attempts to suppress the vote as well as public discussion of matters that affect us all, makes us less of a democracy than ever. Democracy and equality go hand in hand for responsible government. Our government becomes less responsive the more it negates divergent opinions and runs roughshod over the rights and needs of ever-growing percentages of the population. To the extent that it operates in secret and without regard for the welfare or interests of vast numbers of the people living within its borders, a government fails the smell test of true democracy. Allowing all voices to be heard and effectively expressed is essential to proper functioning of a democratic government. Properly informing the people of what they are doing in domestic and foreign affairs and how their decisions are affecting others enables them to direct future actions of their government most effectively, both in domestic policy and foreign affairs.


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  1. Good post. The GOP criminals know, and have shown, that it is easier to break something than to fix it. That goes for democracy as well as objects. They use corporate propaganda & election fraud to occasionally steal a majority in Congress and obstructionism to control Congress when they are in the minority. Hate is a powerful tool to suppress creative thinking and diversity. And, they use it cleverly. They’ve used diversion to prevent the completion of the CFPB – an effective way of allowing Wall Street to continue raping the working class and push the U.S. closer to full-blown Fascism.
    Trade agreements are nothing more than contracts between multinational corporations to legalize plundering the resources of powerless citizens and bypassing the laws of ALL nations – particularly human rights and environmental regulations.
    There already is virtually no accountability for U.S. politicians because people would rather be distracted by mindless entertainment than think. Most U.S. citizens don’t even care about their own children’s futures. They’d deny that, of course, but their actions betray the ugly truth.
    Until people unlearn the Capitalist Indoctrination that has conditioned them to exist inside a cell of hate and ignorance, NONE of us will be free. Thanks.


  2. Excellent article and great comment ashiftinconsciousness.


  3. Glenn D. Thompson permalink

    Great post.


  4. drnc11 permalink

    Reblogged this on 11/11 and commented:
    I think America’s founders would be sickened at the assault on our civil liberties by the wealthy elite on Wall Street, the extreme economic equality, and the apparent lack of government transparency from which democracy requires to function.


  5. unfortunately, this is the world we live in. All one can do is try an help sustain a sense of right and wrong and hope that people listen and understand.


  6. I were floored to read;What was self explanatory! Appalled to the highest peak of questions that will seemingly go unexplained. The grief I feel about our Democratic field is shamelessly lost to a bunch of Damn thieves! No corruption of the sort should go ungovernable by Federal U.S. Marshalls’. I too am robbed of millions of dollars by a selfish retarded system that doesn’t believe in helping their own kind as The President of the United stated of America an Afro American at 52yrs.,of age!!!


    • I were floored to read;What was self explanatory! Appalled to the highest peak of questions that will seemingly go unexplained. The grief I feel about our Democratic field is shamelessly lost to a bunch of Damn thieves! No corruption of the sort should go ungovernable by Federal U.S. Marshalls’. I too am robbed of millions of dollars by a selfish retarded system that doesn’t believe in helping their own kind as The President of the United stated of America an Afro American at 52yrs.,of age!!!


  7. Reblogged this on News of the day and commented:
    Excellent blog on US Democracy or rather the lack of it. Their but for the grace of God (Allah) go we in the UK. Its getting that way now.


  8. Dana Corbin permalink

    Bernie 2016


  9. John permalink

    Excellent Post and Blog. May your next post contain the proper channels and directions of what to do about this. I do write letters and emails. I do vote. I do try to inform and not bash ( other than my head against a wall). My main source of news is internet, RT, Democracy Now, Al Jazeera, Institute for Public Accuracy. What else can I do? I am disabled and have yet to collect disability, so I’m kind of broke. So donations are a moot point for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. John, Thank you for your comments. As to what I think you should do, I’d say you’re already doing a good job of getting the word out. Keep it up!


  11. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I want to add that hundreds of thousands of convicted felons who have served their court ordered consequences are disenfranchised in many states they work and live in. They are overwhelmingly minorities, often impoverished, and are quickly becoming more and more women. This is a travesty. These states, mine included (sunny Florida), should be ashamed.

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  12. Sorry, the link is
    It was posted Feb 16, 2014.


  13. Vahlsing permalink

    The Healthcare Reform issue will never be “fare and equal” for all of the United States citizens until we get rid of the healthcare insurance companies and create a “ONE” FULL COVERAGE NATIONAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM.

    Please review healthcare exploratory information at:

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  14. Reblogged this on A View to A Book and commented:
    This blog certainly spells out what is happening in America.


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