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It’s Time To Get Trump’s Taxes: The Danger Of Not Pursuing Impeachment

March 23, 2019

It’s now time for the House of Representatives to get serious about its oversight of the Executive branch. Mueller’s report has been delivered to the Attorney General. President Trump should have released his tax returns prior to the 2016 election. Return of a Democrat majority to the House after the 2018 midterm elections means that there is no longer a good excuse for refusing to carry out their Constitutional oversight of the President and his administration.

As the 2020 Presidential election rapidly approaches, the American public deserves to know the huge amount of information that Trump has steadfastly hidden from us. In all likelihood, this keeping the voters in the dark about his personal and business conduct was instrumental in gaining him access to the Oval Office to begin with. Letting him continue to do so can easily help him become re-elected and continue to aggrandize his own political power and financial fortune to the detriment of the nation and the planet as a whole.

Obtaining those tax returns and enacting legislation requiring all future candidates to provide the same information prior to the conduct of the election is vital in retaining and/or regaining our democracy. Regardless of whether it would result in Trump’s impeachment or removal from office, it would certainly greatly aid us in determining if we will vote him out of office rather than subject ourselves and the rest of humanity to four more years of his twitter tirades and mercurial rule. – rjc

Mike the Mad Biologist

Recently, some asshole with a blog noted:

I seem to be one of the few people beating on the drum of getting Il Trumpe’s taxes–something that could happen if the Democratic head of the Ways and Means committee, Rep. Richard Neal, just wrote a damn letter. It’s not that I think it will DESTROY! Trump (though it might, you never know). But if the notion of resistance means anything, then getting his taxes–which is relatively simple to do–should have been done out of the gate.

Greg Sargent makes a similar point (boldface mine):

An odd disconnect has opened up in the Democratic approach to President Trump. On the one hand, Democrats rhetorically treat his presidency as a rolling national emergency, as an existential threat to our democracy.

Yet on the other hand, in several crucial ways, Democrats are badly muddling that message, by refraining from doing what might…

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  1. Margie G Martinez permalink

    If the House Democratic party ignores the will of the people to Impeach Trump before the Elections, it will be the end of Democracy as it is intended. The House needs to stop listening to the “Establishment” ie Pelosi – she, with Hillary, ruined our Election process last time. “We the People” must be heard NOW.

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  2. Yes, Rick! An impeachment process seems the logical and ethical path to take. But some people are afraid such action could blowup in our faces. Would it make Trump’s base more loyal? What kind of President would Pence be? How might powerful corps and billionaires retaliate? We have become a fearful, frozen people. However, if in doubt, maybe Americans just need to do the right thing. Justice and Democracy are at stake.

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