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Abortion Before Roe v Wade Risky Business

May 16, 2019

Donald Trump, his recent judicial appointees and the predominantly GOP men in charge of way too many state governments in this country are bound and determined to return us to a dystopian land while calling it Making America Great Again. The bill passed and signed into law in Alabama is the worst example of this. Sally Edelstein in her Envisioning The American Dream blog does an excellent job of explaining this. More reason (if more was needed) to send Trump and the men of his ilk packing at the earliest opportunity. – rjc

Envisioning The American Dream

Donald Trump Handmaids Tale

I came late to the game watching Handmaid’s Tale, having only recently begun binging it. A totalitarian society that strips away a woman’s physical autonomy and reproductive rights in the former United States originally seemed too darkly dystopian for my tastes.

But now it feels as if the storylines are no longer confined to HULU- it is streaming free in real life in real time on CNN and ABC, The N.Y. Times and the Daily Beast. A 12-year-old girl raped by her uncle must bear the child to term- “Hallelujah,  Praise God” – or face prison time. Or a doctor who performs an abortion on a rape victim could receive 99 years imprisonment, longer than the actual rapist’s sentence.

How can this be in 2018? Who knew this cautionary tale would be the gospel for Alabama senators, now the latest state to morph into Gideon.

This is more than…

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