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The MAGA Violence Yet to Come

June 21, 2022

Yet another outstanding effort by Padre Steve Dundas from his “The Inglorius Padre Steve’s World” blog. If the four years of the Trump Presidency and the nearly two years of utterly inexcusable attempts to refuse to admit that the American electorate rejected his totalitarian methods and dictatorial goals have taught us nothing else, American democrats (small d, to include members of all parties resisting his criminal behavior) know now more than ever that he needs to be brought to justice for his treasonous behavior and never again permitted to occupy the Whitehouse.

The January 6 Committee’s publicly broadcast hearings have served to illustrate Trump’s willingness to do anything and everything he deems necessary to keep himself in power without regard to facts and realities that do not coincide with his nightmarish vision of an American populous held hostage to his every whim. He, along with all those who paved the way for the chaos he has been wreaking on this country since even before his 2016 rise to power, needs to pay dearly for the criminal behavior exhibited before, during and after the January 6, 2021 riot that he fostered and inflamed on our nation’s capital.

Many millions of Americans have known this for years before the broadcast public hearings of recent weeks. Others are viewing these misdeeds with a new awareness as a result of hearings themselves. It is not sufficient to merely muddle through the days between now and the 2024 Presidential election and hope to defeat Trump or someone equally willing to rend asunder our democracy by pretending that the US Constitution doesn’t apply to them.

We need to take appropriate legal action to punish those guilty of blatant insurrection. More importantly, we need to make sure we vote out any and all candidates in any and all elections leading up to the 2024 elections – including but not limited to the midterm elections to be held this November. Fight like hell to overcome voter suppression efforts in way too many states and ensure the defeat of those seeking to overrule the will of the people while lying through their teeth that they are only doing what needs to be done to accomplish the exact opposite. We cannot limit ourselves to merely preventing the Trump acolytes in the GOP he now owns from capturing the majority of seats in both houses of Congress. The same must be done to prevent state and local legislators and executives from making a second attempted coup successful. We have our work cut out for us. Let’s show the would-be tyrants that they have picked the wrong battle with an overwhelming display of electoral enthusiasm they never dreamed we could express. – rjc

The Inglorius Padre Steve's World

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I have not written anything here for months, but the last few months have been so busy with teaching, and the finishing touches on Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory. Likewise I am dealing with a number of physical issues which still continue. I think I mentioned the Kidney stone, and maybe the Carpal Tunnel syndrome. I have follow ups coming for both. I had a CT scan of the Kidney this morning in preparation for the follow up appointment with the Urologist. I am concerned that they might not gotten all of it as I still suffer from pain there. The follow up with the hand surgeon next month to determine the next steps in dealing with it which will likely involve a more complicated surgery. But enough excuses, the fact is that my mind and body were fried, I have taken the ten…

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