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Republican Health Care Plan: “If You Are Wealthy, The Best Care Anywhere. If Not Wealthy, Uh…….”

February 4, 2015

Lean Left

We are going to have to pay close attention to Congress this year.  2015 is shaping up as the anti-health year in politics.  The battle ground is not just the Affordable Care Act either.  It carries over to Supplemental Social Security as well.  Supplemental Social Security is where the disabled get their pitiful $1,130 per month because they cannot work.

The first thing the new Republican House did was change the rules for the Social Security Administration.  In the past, if the Supplemental Social Security was in financial trouble, the Administration could move money around in order to cover the costs.  On the very first day of the new Republican House, the rules were changed so that cannot happen anymore.

As a result, those people who rely on this disability income are facing a decrease in their benefits.  Of course, that infamous “doctor” Rand Paul claims that the majority of people…

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  1. Phyllis andrews permalink

    Even with the Affordable Care Act, things are not very good for the poor. I have helped several people get ACA insurance. Then yesterday I accompanied one of them, a woman with her husband to her first appointment. I went into the examining room with them. She has very high blood pressure and diabetes. She also has serious digestive problems. The doctor was visibly concerned after taking her BP and Blood Sugar levels. He ordered an expensive test to be done in the hospital two days later. Her ACA insurance from Florida Blue required her to be pre certified. In trying to get pre certified, we found out that she would have to pay $400 before she could have the test. Since they can hardly afford the $26 per month premium, there is no way they could pay $400. So the test had to be cancelled. The doctor’s office was visibly worried and got her an appointment with a gastroenterologist who could do something in his office which would give similar information but would be completely paid by her insurance. So at least she will get seen and hopefully treated. But if I as an advocate hadn’t been there pushing and explaining their problems, she still would have gone without having the diagnostic work she needed because her ACA insurance wasn’t good enough.


  2. No mention of the plan they are pushing h fourth at the behest of their puppet masters the Koch brothers #LibertyHealthShare

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  3. Dreamer9177 permalink

    RWNJ will not be satisfied until we are living in a world where people are used and exploited until they die in order to feed the machine that provides the elite with their precious wealth. The rest of us will simply be the replaceable cogs in their evil machine, to be thrown away when no longer useful to them.


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