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The Extremist’s Veto: What Happens If We Don’t Prosecute Trump? | Mike the Mad Biologist

September 21, 2022

Excellent article from Mike the Mad Biologist’s blog.

As this seemingly unending saga of the Trump right (AKA – MAGATS) attempt to immunize Trump against criminal prosecution regardless of the crimes he committed in the past (as well as those he continues to commit) it is apparent that he has no intention of ever being held accountable for any of his misdeeds. The American People deserve true justice and freedom from his authoritarian attempts to subvert the rule of law inherent to the US Constitution.

The Department of Justice must know by now that there is little, if any, possibility that Trump will end his obsession with regaining the power he abused during his entire term of office. He needs to be prosecuted and banned from holding elected office ever again. Recent pronouncements by both Trump and his myriad collection of blindly obedient followers will not end unless and until he either regains  power or is successfully prosecuted in the courts (many of which he stacked with other enablers) and either sentenced to incarceration or banned from office.

The time has come to end the endless debate and return our democracy to a state where the Constitution (which, you may recall, he took an oath to protect and defend – only to blatantly refuse to do so at any opportunity). The man was wrongly allowed to escape conviction and removal from office twice in four years. Two years later, he remains free and is attempting to help elect as many fellow insurrectionists as he can to strength his hold on the GOP and win himself in the 2024 election.

This seven year stranglehold that Trump has had on the vast majority of members of the GOP needs to end. Gumming up the workings of the courts and Congress with his incessant lies and authoritarianism are what Trump has been able to to show proficiency in. This is exactly the opposite of what our country needs to help face future problems of all shapes and sizes. The daily barrage of media concentrating solely on Trump’s foot-dragging concerning all aspects of his erratic behavior needs to make way for true progress in improving our wellbeing as human beings without regard for his narcissistic rants, self-promotion and pocket-lining grift.

We need a government for US. Donald Trump is either unable or unwilling or both to give us a government of, by and for the people. We need to stop fighting a losing battle with Trump’s conceited notions of what America needs in order to be “great again”. Starting with this November’s midterm elections, we must send a message loud and clear that we will not reward his out-of-control political agenda.

American voters need to vote in record numbers to give ourselves a government at the federal, state and local levels that will provide a starting point for strengthening our democracy instead of destroying it. Give ourselves a government with solid majorities of people who want to do more than fulfill an insane desire to increase divisiveness while ignoring the most important issues of our time. Progressive legislation is needed more than catering to the greed for power and money that has always been the leading motivation for Trump, McConnell, McCarthy, Abbott, DeSantis and the rest of the MAGA team. – rjc

When it comes to the topic of prosecuting former, twice-impeached Donald Trump, some asshole with a blog noted: Our political discourse is admitting that, if the left, construed broadly loses, then they might protest and do non-violent things, but if the right loses, they will engage in political violence, which is to say terrorism…. This…

Source: The Extremist’s Veto: What Happens If We Don’t Prosecute Trump? | Mike the Mad Biologist


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  1. We got some good news today as one the many people (New York AG) investigating this scoundrel filed some formal action against him. May this be the first of many.


  2. One of the legal loopholes he’s been using might be the last one so we can sigh from relief.


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